Berghaus Clothing, Footwear & Camping Equipment


Berghaus Clothing, Footwear & Camping Equipment

Berghaus has been equipping people for outdoor adventures for over 50 years. Their reputation as an innovative outdoor brand has made them a go to for dependable gear, especially for walkers and hikers. Specialists in waterproof jackets and walking equipment, Berghaus is a British brand you can rely on.

History of Berghaus

1966, a time when outdoor gear as we know it wasn’t readily available. That is until Berghaus came along. The brand was founded by passionate mountaineers Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison from the North East of England. They found it difficult to get decent outdoor gear for their own adventures and so decided to import and sell their own. They set up the LD Mountain Centre outdoor store in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and quickly gained a reputation for selling high performance outdoor gear.

As their success grew, Peter and Gordon began to design, test and manufacture their own gear to sell in the shop. Built by mountaineers for mountaineers; they called this innovative clothing range Berghaus. And so, the Berghaus brand began.

With their roots in mountaineering, Peter and Gordon saw their biggest market in Europe, where there were bigger mountains. The name Berghaus is a literal translation of Mountain House or Mountain Centre, the name of the Newcastle store. The two blocks in the Berghaus logo represent the LD. This name change gave the brand an image that meant they could play on the European stage.


Over the last 50 years Berghaus has made many revolutionary steps in the story essential gear like rucksacks, waterproof jackets and footwear. Here’s how:

Rucksacks once were cumbersome and uncomfortable, often hindering the climbing experience. Berghaus revolutionised the design of the rucksack by creating the Cyclops’ internal frame. By moving the pack frame from the outside to the inside of the rucksack, and adding extra padding, Berghaus were able to create a design that would remain popular and in use to this day. Fast forward to today and Berghaus are still pushing the design of their rucksacks, creating lighter, more comfortable packs that have innovative ventilated back systems to maximise carry comfort and fit.

Berghaus has become synonymous with waterproofs. It was in 1977 that they first introduced GORE-TEX into their waterproof jackets and this collaboration has remained ever since. They were the first European brand to use GORE-TEX in this way and remain one of the biggest adopters of GORE-TEX® Paclite® fabric in Europe.

1979 saw Berghaus develop the Yeti® Gaiter, still recognised as offer outstanding foot and leg protection. It is still recognised as being one of the most significant developments in outdoor clothing. The distinctive rubber rands were initially made from old tractor inner tubes, making it the first truly recycled outdoor performance product.


When it comes to waterproof gear, Berghaus know what they are doing. For decades Berghaus has been at the forefront of innovation, creating iconic waterproof clothing including the Deluge waterproof trousers, the Cornice waterproof jacket, the Hillwalker walking jacket and the women’s Rosgill 3 in 1 jacket. In 2018 Berghaus created an exclusive collection of their iconic Stormcloud waterproof jacket for Millets with dependable waterproof shells, versatile 3 in 1 jackets and warm insulated jackets.

Berghaus Tents & Camping

First introduced in 2016, the Berghaus Air Tent Collection made a real impact on the camping market. Exclusive to Millets, these inflatable family tents are easy to pitch, spacious inside and made from high quality fabrics. The design uses colours inspired by Berghaus’ iconic Mera Peak jacket. Stable and strong, the Berghaus Air Tent is available as a 4 person tent, 6 person tent and 8 person tent, with a porch, shelter, windbreak and other accessories available. You can even kit out your Air tent with tent carpets and tent footprints to make it really feel like a family home from home.

The Environment

MADEKINDTM is Berghaus’ pledge to reducing environmental impact in all aspects of their business, from production to supporting several charities. Look out for the green MADEKINDTM leaf on Berghaus products as this means the product has met at least one of the eco-friendly MADEKINDTM criteria.


Berghaus believes that to develop great gear you need great people to test it. That’s why they work with Athlete Ambassadors including Leo Houlding, Anna Taylor and Mick Fowler. They do this, so you can be sure that the gear you buy has been tested by the best and won’t let you down.

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