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Women's Sunglasses

Don’t let a squint spoil your view of the outdoors. Whether you are looking out for the next great vista, or the trees whizzing past on the piste, a good pair of sunglasses will increase visibility and protection. Our range of women’s sunglasses and sports goggles cover everything from casual wear to performance-minded cycling or snowsports. With brands like Sinner, Bloc and Smith, we’ve got a lot of choice in the upper reaches of sports performance lenses. Meanwhile, if you’re shopping for comfort and value, Peter Storm and Tifosi are great everyday or holiday alternatives. Look out for key features like ergonomic design, lightweight frames, antibacterial nosepads, and -most importantly – quality lenses that will block UVA, UVB and other harmful rays. You wouldn’t go out in the rain without your waterproof, or climb a mountain without your safety gear. Apply the same respect to your eyes and kit them out with a good pair of women’s sunglasses. You’ll never look back.