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Bike Pumps For Sale

The bike pump is an essential tool for any cyclist, allowing you to keep your tyres topped up and inflated correctly ready for any ride. Ensure that optimum pressure is kept in your tyres, means you need a quality bike pump. From simple hand pumps to high performance track pumps, we stock a diverse range, including bike starter kits which include the cycling accessories you might need throughout the seasons. Some bike pumps are equipped with pressure gauges, footplates and ergonomic designs to make inflation easy. Hand pumps are a great option for bike owners who want to take their bike pump with them in case of emergencies.

A flat tyre always has the capability of spoiling what should’ve been a great ride. That’s why every road cyclist and mountain biker should have a portable hand pump in their on-board kit for emergencies. At Millets, we offer a range of bike pumps and cycle accessories to help keep you on the move. Hand pumps are light and compact, making them ideal for carrying with you for quick roadside repairs. Track pumps are less compact and are better placed at home, but they have base mounts and offer extra pressure, helping you inflate your tyre quickly and easily. We also stock CO2 pumps. They’re ideal for tubeless tyres and offer a quick hit of air to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. They’re compact and lightweight, meaning they can be stored in your ride-along kit bag. Shop bike pumps for sale now and choose from standard and next day delivery or collect in your local Millets store.