Top 10 Favourite Outdoor Dogs

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Titin and Snowy, Shaggy and Scooby, Dorothy and Toto, Wallace and Gromit; find your canine counterpart and you’ll form an unbreakable bond that will better both of your lives.

And if you love the outdoors, then there is no one better to share your adventures with than your four-legged companion. But what breeds feel most at home in the outdoors? Here’s ten of the best breeds to venture into the wild with.

Dog Walking

Labrador Retriever - Playful & Faithful

Labrador Retrievers are renowned for their energetic and playful character. Combine this with their athletic physic and you get a faithful friend who will be always ready to play outdoors and is great with families. Bred originally as gun dogs to retrieve waterfowl, Labrador Retrievers have webbed paws which make them great swimmers. Your Labrador will need lots of exercise which is the perfect excuse for you to get out walking regularly with your new friend. Just check your lab is healthy and fit before you go adventuring as the breed is prone to health problems like hip dysplasia.

Dog Walking - Labrador

Siberian Husky - Winter Wolf

Closely related to the wolf, Siberian Huskies are known for their ability to deal with the demands of a life outdoors. This independent and beautiful dog needs an owner who can keep up with its active lifestyle; after all, this is a breed that can pull a weighted sled over great distances. Mostly at home in cold environments, the Siberian Husky is a fantastic companion for those who enjoy long hikes, camping trips and trail runs.

Dog Walking - Husky

Border Collie - Intelligent Worker

Considered by many to be one of the most intelligent of the breeds, the Border Collie is an agile runner which has farm work and herding in its blood. The Border Collie is a great companion for extended, active adventures although all collies have great stamina, intelligence, herding instincts and unique agility. These clever and loyal dogs are never happier than when they have a job to do and so the key to a successful owner/collie relationship is to keep your pooch active. Let’s just hope you can keep up!

Dog Walking - Collie

Jack Russell Terrier - Size Doesn't Matter

Don’t be fooled by its stature, the Jack Russell Terrier is a breed that loves to run! Small in size but with plenty of energy, these adventurous dogs were originally bred to hunt foxes and can cover ground quickly despite their short legs and small bodies. The breed relies on regular exercise and stimulation, but if you’re up for the challenge then you won’t be disappointed.

Dog Walking - Jack Russell

Bernese Mountain Dog - The Gentle Giant

From a dog small in stature, to a giant that will happily carry a pack for you; the Bernese Mountain Dog is instantly recognisable and is a true outdoor dog at heart… (the clue is in the name). Bred originally as a draught dog to pull carts for Swiss weavers, this dog will feel right at home walking beside you on a short mountain walk. The breed is known for having a big heart, is docile in nature, is easy to train and prefers to walk off-leash. Great for hikers, these dogs do enjoy regular activity; just be aware that they don’t build up much endurance.

Dog Walking - Bernese

Vizsla - The Athlete

Inner-city adventurers will love the intelligence and trainability of the Vizsla. Once trained, this high-energy breed is a great off-leash dog which will remain focused in busy areas and keep up with you in more open spaces. Athletic and light on their feet, Vizslas are well-suited to speed and endurance activities such as running. Traditionally bred as bird dogs, Vizslas have gorgeous coats, a loving temperament and are also great swimmers. Just be aware that these dogs love exercise but are susceptible to the cold so ensure they are wrapped up in colder conditions.

Dog Walking - Vizsla

Portuguese Water Dog - The Fish Herder

Fish Herder? Yes! Portuguese Water Dogs are true sea dogs who were traditionally bred to herd fish into nets, retrieve broken tackle and even swim as couriers from ship to ship. They have a strong retrieving instinct and are most at home in the water, making them a great dog to take on a boating, canoeing or rafting adventure. Portuguese Water Dogs are quick learners and prefer to stay within sight of their owner, making them great off-leash companions.

Dog Walking - Portuguese

German Short-haired Pointer - The Hunter

Bred for hunting and retrieving, the German Shorthaired Pointer is an intelligent and versatile bird dog which is reliable, obedient and handsome. These spotted pooches love to run off-leash and like to have some independence. Don’t worry though, they’ll always find their way back to you, even if you lose sight of each other.

Dog Walking- German Pointer

Dalmatian - Out-Spotted

Instantly recognisable and universally admired, the Dalmatian is a large and lean dog which is known for being both athletic and inquisitive. Historically Dalmatians were used as carriage dogs, running in front of firefighting carriages to clear a path. These days their firefighting days are behind them but they are known to keep pace with horses and love a good run around the park. If you’re looking for a loyal and protective breed that will keep up with you on long-distance jogs, then the Dalmatian is the dog for you.

Dog Walking - Dalmatian

The Mutt - Bags of Character

For those who wish to champion non-pure breeds, the rewards can be great. These dogs boast a characterful mix of breeds and a lineage that makes them incredibly unique. Visit your local animal shelter to find a dog with unique quirks and real charm.

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