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Camping With The Kids

Camping is the perfect way to spend quality time with your family, but it can take a bit of imagination to keep the kid's entertained away from the TV and their game consoles. To ensure the words ‘I’m bored’ aren’t muttered from the kid’s mouths it may take more than simply toasting a few marshmallows. Luckily there are countless fun games and ideas to make memories the whole family will treasure for a lifetime.


Scavenger Hunt

First and foremost you want the kids to get the most out of the great outdoors whilst keeping them entertained until tea time. A nature scavenger hunt is a great way for your little explorers to feel a sense of discovery and have a great time amongst the wildlife. Be as adventurous as you like whilst ensuring that you only collect things that can be safely returned without being damaged. We’re thinking pinecones, bird feathers, different coloured leaves, acorns… the list goes on. This is a sure way of keeping your little adventurers on their feet all day. Check out our Summer Scavenger Hunt post for a list of things to collect.


Campsite sports

These are always a winner when the weather is on your side. Whether you’re having a kick about, playing a game of cricket or taking part in a super soaker water fight, the whole family can enjoy a spot of exercise in the great outdoors. Try getting your fellow campers involved and be sure to let the kids lead the games to help build their leadership skills, independence, and confidence. Have a look at our range of footballs, kites, bats and more here.



You’ve probably heard about geocaching, which is currently sweeping the nation. If your children love Easter egg hunts then this will be a big hit. First you need to register at a geocaching website to determine the precise latitude and longitude of a hidden cache of "treasure" located on public property (it’s very likely that one will be near your chosen site). You’ll need a GPS to discover the cache; which will unveil a trinket and a logbook to record who found it. Once found simply replace the trinket with something for the next explorer to unfold. Check out our Geocaching blog post for all the info.


Board Games

After all of the hustle and bustle from the day’s events it’s time for a quieter activity; a chance to wind down before dimming the lanterns and snuggling up in your sleeping bags. Try one of our classic travel sized board games including Connect 4 and Cluedo; these are always handy to have with you in case of a rainy day.  Accompanied with a hot chocolate and a few s’mores and you’ve got yourself a pretty perfect evening. 


All fun and games aside we can’t forget about the importance of the right clothing and footwear for your little ones. A day of physical activities in the great outdoors calls for comfortable clothing, durable boots and waterproofs (not that we don’t trust the English weather, but just in case!). Prepare for all weathers and make sure to pack more then you need; you never know where the adventure will take you. 

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