The Importance Of A First Aid Kit

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Some people may find it a nuisance carrying a first aid kit around, but when you’re exploring the great outdoors you are vulnerable to nature and should always be prepared the worst. Take a look at our reasons why we think all outdoor enthusiasts should carry a first aid kit and you will never leave the house without one again.


  1. Cuts and scrapes - These are unavoidable when outdoors. Whether you’re scrambling over rocks or weaving through trees and bushes, there’s always going to be something nearby that can catch you out. Most people may think that these slight injuries won’t need any medical attention, but to avoid infections and stop any bleeding you will need a first aid kit. Most are equipped with antiseptic wipes and plasters so you can keep on going with any little cut.
  2. Blisters - If you are wearing the correct footwear and socks you will limit the chance of blisters, however, they sometimes do still appear. Plasters are necessary to prevent any further rubbing and to minimise the pain so you can carry on walking.
  3. Twists and sprains - Sometimes an explorer can be unfortunate and worse injuries can occur - even for the most advanced explorers. An unsteady surface or a momentary lack of concentration can easily lead to a fall causing worse scrapes or something even more serious, like a twisted or sprained ankle or arm. A first aid kit can’t really do much for a twisted ankle, other than apply pressure with a bandage, but a sling or a bandage can help any damage you cause to your arm until you can get yourself to the hospital. Levitating your arm with the sling, or the pressure added with a bandage can ease the pain and prevent swelling.
  4. Burns - If you’re camping, or even if you’re on a full day out and decide to take it back to nature when it comes to dinner time and want to use an old fashioned camp fire, you need to be careful you don’t burn yourself. However, if you are unfortunate to catch yourself on the flame a first aid kit will save your skin. Burn gel and other products can be found to ease the pain and prevent any further damage.
  5. Tears in clothes - Even if it is just your clothes rather than skin that are caught and cause a slight tear or become stuck on something as small as a twig, safety pins and scissors will come in really handy to set you loose.


Even the smallest injury can cause discomfort and turn your lovely day outdoors in to a nightmare. The kits don't take up too much space in your day sack. Be smart and take a first aid kit with you on your adventures. 


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