Which type of camper are you?

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Whether you camp on your own or with the whole family, in the middle of nowhere or on a busy campsite, camping is one of the best past times for a healthy dose of fresh air. But which camper are you? Take our quiz to find out!


Don't forget to make a note of your answers so you can add up the colours at the end. Have fun!


So, which camper are you...


When shopping for your tent how much space do you like?

  • Enough for me, myself and I
  • Lots of space! Bedrooms, living room, porch the lot
  • As long as I can fit my wellies, multiple outfit choices, and crate of beer I’m happy
  • Space for two and a couple of camping chairs for a cosy set up


Ok, you’ve got your tent – what else do you need?

  • A couple of chairs and a decent stove
  • Wellies and a drink cooler
  • All season sleeping bag, technical rucksack, a compact stove and I’m good to go
  • What don’t I need?


You’re in a close proximity to your fellow campers so choose your crew wisely. Who do you like to camp with?

  • I don’t mind, whoever fancies a trip at the time
  • I like to be surrounded by my family
  • Friends all the way
  • All on my own


Tents and all its equipment can be heavy. Do you have a weight limit?

  • Yes, as lightweight as possible to carry on my back
  • Not too heavy, will need to fit on our backs and carry on the train
  • Won’t need much but will probably just put it in the car
  • Nah, we just throw it all in the boot of my car


We need to distinguish between a wild camper and glamper. How much comfort is a must?

  • Plenty of chairs, air beds and storage for everyone
  • As long as I’m sleeping under the stars I’m happy
  • A few little luxuries will keep us comfortable
  • Won’t be spending much time in the tent anyway


Do you have a furry friend that likes to tag along?

  • Nope!
  • Yes, love taking our dog wherever we go
  • Nope, no time to look after a pet on our trips
  • Sure, would be great to get the dog walking in different places


What’s your dream camping destination?

  • Somewhere chilled, close to a pub
  • A muddy field with live music
  • In a pet friendly campsite with lots of activities
  • In the middle of nowhere just surrounded by nature


How many times do you go in a year?

  • Once a year in the summer
  • A few times throughout the year is enough
  • I’d go every weekend if I could
  • Sometimes a few times a year, sometimes once every few years, depends really


Do you like to keep it local or travel to more exotic places?

  • I always try somewhere new
  • UK based definitely, sometimes just in the back garden
  • Usually the UK, sometimes head off to Croatia
  • I’d like to venture further afield


When do you like to go? Does the season matter?

  • Any time of the year
  • Easter or the summer holidays
  • As long as the sun’s out
  • Summer is the best time


What do you like to do when you’re there?

  • Explore my surroundings
  • Just chill, maybe go on a gentle walk
  • Play lots of games
  • Listen to music with a cider in hand


Do you have a favourite camping brand?

  • Berghaus – I love the Air tents
  • Terra Nova for my technical tent
  • Vango tents often have plenty of porch space
  • Eurohike have a great range of dome tents – easy to set up


Now it's time to add up your answers to find out which colour you have the most of. Find out below which colour means which camper.


Mostly reds - The expert camper

You love a big adventure in the great outdoors with no distractions - just you and a backpack with the bare essentials. Setting up camp in the middle of nowhere, exploring new areas, hills and even countries so you can truely be one with nature, getting out whenever possible. You are the true camper!

The right sleeping bag is essential to keep you warm at night, and when you're keeping your kit simple yet technical choosing the right one becomes even more crucial. Take a look at our tips for picking the right one here.


Mostly purple - The family camper

You love nothing more than being surrounded by your loved ones and a family camping trip is the perfect way to spend the easter and summer holidays. A large sized tent to fit everyone and everything except the kitchen sink for that home from home comfort. 

There are so many amazing family tents out there (our persoanl favourite are the air tents), so here's a few things to consider when buying one.


Mostly blue - The festival camper

You camp for the love of music and a good time with your friends rather than for the love of camping - it's more of a necessity, but this doesn't mean you don't enjoy it once you get out the camping chairs and open up a can of beer. 

The pop up is a classic for festivals! Pitched in seconds, but we all know the packing away can be a little tricky so take a look at how easy it can be when you now how here.


Mostly green - The casual camper

You may have only been camping once before or you may only go whenever you feel like it - you are the casual camper. The camper who likes to get out when the daily grind gets too much and you just fancy a chilled weekend away from it all. Whether you go as a couple or with a few of your friends, you aren't too fussed, you just like the change of scenery once in a while.

Even so, there are still the essentials you need. Make sure you've got everything from the must haves checklist.


Whichever camper you are we know you will have tons of fun! But it doesn't matter if you are an expert or first timer, you still need the right gear to keep you safe and comfortable. Check out our tent buying guide for all the info you'll need.

Let us know in the comments below which camper you are.



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