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How to Keep Cool When Walking

Summertime always feels like the best time to go for a walk. The sun is shining and the weather is inviting, but high temperatures will often be accompanied with these summer days and knowing how to keep cool when walking in hotter temperatures is vital for not ruining your walk or potentially putting yourself into danger. We have created a handy guide on how to stay safe during those hotter days with these top tips for keeping cool when walking and hiking. 

Planning Tips

You should first think about when and where you are going to walk when setting out in warm weather.

When to walk

Avoid the hottest times of day when setting out for a walk. This is usually between 12 pm and 15pm on especially hot days it’s best to avoid these times altogether. If you can instead look to try and get out early or plan to leave a little later, this will keep worse of the warm weather from getting to you when out on your walk.

Where to hike

Find a walk that is close to wooded areas so you can hide in the shade when it gets too warm. Avoid walking in large exposed areas because if there’s no wind you are going to full the brunt of the heat with no protection from it.

Plan a walk that’s near a body of water or rivers. If you do this, you can rest and take a dip to cool yourself off. If you are walking near a lake or tarn the wind coming off the water will feel refreshing and cool.

Where to hike

Clothing and Equipment Tips

Choose light colours

Wearing light colours that can reflect the sun rays to help keep you cool rather than darker colours that are likely to absorb heat. Try to wear colours such as white, khaki, blue etc.

Wear loose and breathable

Wearing loose fitting clothing will help with keeping you cool and aid breathability. Synthetic fabrics are also best for walking clothing because they will dry quickly and have greater breathability compared to traditional cotton T-shirts. 

UPF clothing

Some clothing is UPF rated if you have UPF clothing then you will have permanent 100% UV protection. We have a range of Sun Protective clothing for you to look at.

Cover up

It may not sound like the smartest idea but hear me out. Long loose clothing will offer ample sun protection from UV rays this is more important for people who have sensitive skin and are prone to sunburn easily

Walking when hot


I know it seems like a no brainer to wear a hat but remember a full brim hat is far more effective than a baseball cap. And if you’re feeling warm dunk your hat in water and wear it this will keep your head cooler for longer.

Cool your neck

Bring a lightweight neck gaiter with you this will give you sun protection in a sensitive area. You can also dunk it water and wear it to help keep you cool.

Hydration pack

Whilst carrying water is always important when out for a walk. You’ll find having a handy sip tube close will mean you’ll drink frequently compared to having a bottle in your bag. We have a range of dedicated hydration packs or you will find a lot of our technical daysacks have hydration sleeves for your water bladder.

We hope these tips will help keep you feeling cool and refreshed on your walks.

Walking in warm weather

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