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How to Clean Walking Boots

Walking boots are made with durability in mind holding up against a variety of conditions. However, some care and attention will go a long way and extend the life of your favourite boots. Follow these simple steps on how to clean your walking boots and have them good as new in 20mins.

Step 1

With a stiff brush remove any caked on mud and dirt from the boots.

Step 2

Remove the laces and inner sole.

Step 3

Wash the boots under warm water and clean with a soft brush with either a little washing up liquid or footwear cleaning product.

Step 4

Rinse away the lather.

Step 5 (if you have waterproof or leather boots)

If you have waterproof or leather boots you may want to reproof the waterproof performance using a boot proofer. Make sure it completely covers the boot and focus around the stitching.

Step 6

Wait for a few moments the buff with a soft cloth.

Step 7

Stuff the boots with newspaper and leave to dry naturally, do not dry in direct heat.


Take a look at our fabric cleaners and find the right cleaners and proofers for bringing your walking boots back to life and looking good as new.  

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