Why Go Camping?

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It’s absolutely no secret that we at Millets love camping! Family camping, solo camping, internaional camping, back garden camping - no matter what or where it is, we love it. There are so many reasons why and we want everyone to experience the joys and benefits this fantastic hobby has to offer. Here we’ve highlighted just five (we could have chosen many more) reasons that you should give it a go and sleep under the stars.


1. So many health benefits


Something as simple as fresh air can make us feel a whole lot better and air doesn’t get any fresher than when camping! Fresh air is good for your digestion, blood pressure, heart rate, immune system and boosts your energy levels. Being in the outdoors will also give your body a welcomed boost of vitamin D, which increases bone health, muscle strength and helps fight skin disorders.

Being outdoors isalso a great way to reset your sleeping pattern. The natural lighting ensures you wake up when the sun comes up and therefore you'll likely go to bed when it goes down. This makes it the perfect way to freshen up before starting a new working week.

Finally, camping will do wonders for your mential health. Getting away from the everyday gring and technology prone routine will help you relax and give you break from the hustle and bustle giving you time to reflect and take some tiime for yourself.


2. Create lasting memories with friends and family


Our busy working life can sometimes get in the way of quality family time. Camping is the perfect way to rekindle relationships with your loved ones. With no 21st century distractions, such as TVs, laptops, game consoles or the internet you can sit and talk at length in a way you may not have done for quite some time. There's no better bonding experience than sitting around a campfire and telling stories and reminiscing.


3. Truly experience the great outdoors


Spending a short time living off the grid without your gadgets is the perfect way to experience the true beauty of nature, which we often take for granted. You'll realise just how noisy city life can be as the great outdoors provides a relaxing peace and quiet like no other.

It's easier to teach your kids valuable lessons about nature, such as why we recycle and the importance of leaving your pitch as clean as you found it. You can also take them wildlife spotting to show them the wonderful creatures and critters that live right here in your own country.


4. Saves your pennies


Sure you have to make sure you've got all the equipment you're going to need, but once you're all set with some quality gear that will last for years, you can simply book a pitch and you're good to go. No travel agents, no extortionate exchange rates, no hours wasted at an airport. Just pack up your gear and head to your chosen site. It can be as planned or as last mintute as you like!


5. Learn new skills 


Kids and first time campers will quickly learn a number of new skills at the campsite. Pitching a tent, starting a campfire and cooking outdoors are just the start. When camping, you have the opportunity to decide your own activities, so that opens a whole world of possibilities. Maybe you and your kids will try fishing at the local lake, perhaps you’ll grab your map and compass for a spot of orienteering, take out a pair of binoculars for a bit of bird watching, or slip on a life jacket and head to the river for some canoeing. The spontaneous nature of camping means no two camping trips are ever the same, so even experienced campers will be constantly learning every time they venture outdoors with their tent.


What's your favourite aspect of camping? Let us know in the comments below.


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