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Weather Forecasting Tips

Knowing precisely what the weather will be at a particular time means you can dodge the worst of it or at the very least plan appropriate activities and clothing. To help you navigate the metrological minefield here are our top weather forecasting tips and websites.

Weather Services

Having a good weather forecasting service on your phone is essential. Many standard apps are designed for ‘the man about town’ and don’t give the level of detail outdoors people need. Luckily there are great apps and websites out there like the one from the Met Office. Although a little more complex it has vital extra information, such as ‘feels like’ temperatures. These take into account other factors, for example, wind chill to give you a better idea of how to ‘layer up’. There are also visual indicators of wind strength and direction. The other great feature is hour by hour rain probability and severity. This helps you decide exactly when to head out and what waterproof clothing to pack.

AccuWeather If you truly want to learn on all things meteorological and you can handle a more detailed interface. The key features you get our a 15-day forecast as opposed the traditional 5-day forecast, and minute by minute forecasting for the next two hours. Other features include weather graphs which are particularly easy to interpret ‘at a glance’ and video forecasting for your region. is a Norweign weather forecast service that is used by outdoor professionals and athletes the world over. Having personally used this service it has never failed me, I check every time before a weekend outdoors, offers plenty of information that is easy to read and understand, whilst still giving additional information for high alpine adventures.    

Mountain Weather Information Service boasts detailed daily forecast for The Pennines, Snowdonia, The Lake District and all upland areas of Scotland. Specialist information provided includes wind speeds and visibility from the summits, wind chill temperatures, and the freezing altitude. In simple terms, these forecasts are as essential as walking boots and waterproofs for anyone heading to the mountains.

Always try to remember whether the weather is good, or whether the weather is not, you can always have fun outdoors if you plan and dress appropriately. 

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