Introducing Our Guest Bloggers: Two Wheeled Nomad

Millets, Ultimate Outdoors and Blacks have all assisted travelling duo, Jason Spafford and Lisa Morris, with an adventure-proof ensemble as they take on America. Let us introduce the courageous pair…



Lisa Morris has travelled extensively for 15 years, in between getting a degree and becoming a scuba diving instructor to run Red Sea liveaboard trips and dive the globe. She has hung up her fins to currently ride the Americas; travelling from Antarctica to the Arctic Circle as much as the Earth's surface permits on her 650cc motorcycle (more affectionately known as Pearl), alongside her partner Jason Spafford. Lisa relishes sharing the trials and tribulations of living on the road as a travel writer for various UK and US publications including Wanderlust and Expedition Portal (the online equivalent of Overland Journal).



As someone that lives to travel above and below the waterline, Jason Spafford is an Underwater and Adventure travel Photographer who contributes to various UK and US publications. Jason is also a videographer and drone pilot enabling him to shoot incredible short films using unique aerial photography, while currently riding the length of the Americas by motorbike alongside Lisa. 


Both Lisa and Jason will be providing tips, advice and guides on how to travel America. But first, Lisa explains what started their entire journey.


What made you decide to take this journey?  What’s your motivation?

Two wheeled travel finds you free from walls and windows, which leaves you vulnerable—it paves the way towards spontaneity and excitement. Fortunately, this has become true for us, a pair of wanderlust seeking Brits from Nottingham. We honestly didn’t think twice about swopping the life conventional for the ride of a lifetime. We’re now homeless in the traditional sense—home is where the motorcycle is—without off-spring and free from the 9-5 job; what better time to embrace some life-changing adventure. 


But why did we as a couple, stable in our jobs with a cottage in the country, jack it all in? Like Jason, I guess sometimes I too felt a little encumbered. Clinging to the hope that this wasn’t as good as it gets, we opted to sell the house—it’s only when you’ve liquefied most of your assets and pack your life up into a few boxes do you rightly reap the rewards. 


We decided on the Americas because neither of us had been before. A Passage de Carnet isn’t necessary to travel in the Americas and most of the countries we’ll be riding through are fairly stable politically; a perfect starting point in which to get a taste of motorcycling adventure. Spending time with people from all walks of life, sinking into a place and different lifestyles draws the biggest appeal from the trip for us. That and anywhere there are big open spaces in which to go off-grid without having to rely on public transport or organised tours.


In the saddle, you’re as free to let your mind wander as your wheels are to roam. Overland travel draws on a newfound freedom that allows you to be in the present moment, as opposed to wishing your life away on a Monday morning to Friday afternoon as we sometimes do; not because you dread every waking minute at work but out of choice, where would you rather be and what would you be doing?  Wherever and whatever that is, I can vouch that pursuing a passion for the world in the spirit of self-governed adventure, travelling by unsupported and self-sufficient means—no one can remove the exultation on your soul for which that will bring.  (



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