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Alas autumn is here, but before you bemoan our short summers just think about all the treats the cooler seasons have to offer. Crisp brown leaves, bonfire night, frosted foliage, Christmas, sledging, snowballing, ski holidays... What are you complaining about?  Well yes you might get a little cold, but only if you fail to take heed of our Top Ten Toasty Tips for staying warm this winter.


  1. Bang on a baselayer – Baselayer tops and legwear are the foundation of your winter wardrobe. Not only do they offer extra insulation, but also move perspiration away from the skin to further improve comfort. For this reason ensure your baselayer fits snugly, and check it’s made from fast wicking wool or synthetic fibres, and never cotton. Why not check out our range of his and hers baselayers.


  1. Fling on a fleece – Ditch those woolly pullys and cotton hoody’s in favour of a lighter, warmer, and more breathable fleece. Inexpensive, easy to care for, and available in a myriad of styles (including hoodies) there’s a fleece for every occasion.


  1. Top it off with an insulated jacket – Available in a huge range of prices and styles there’s now no excuse for getting caught out in the cold. For cold dry weather down jackets are the best bet. If, however, you’re likely to get caught in a shower, synthetic insulation is the way to go. There are even fully waterproof versions if all the weather comes at once. Why not check out our range of his and hers insulated jackets.


  1. Keep your core warm – If you want to keep warm without being encumbered by clothing focus on insulating your core. Baselayer tops are available with short sleeves and fleeces and insulated tops are also available as gilets. Layering up with these means you’re less likely to overheat, and gives you greater freedom of movement. 


  1. Discover winter lined trousers – Winter lined trousers come with a cosy micro fleece lining that massively boosts their thermal properties. Ideal for casual or active use in cold weather. Finished with smart, hardwearing poly-cotton outer fabric, they’re just as popular as work wear as they are with walkers.


  1. Have a hat handy – We all know that bunging-on a beanie is a great way to keep warm, but hunting for one on your way out the door can often prove fruitless. With prices starting at less than a fiver why not pack one in each of your jackets so it’s always there when needed.


  1. Don’t forget the neck wear – You lose almost as much heat through your neck as through your head so be sure to plug this gap. If you find scarves bulky and irritating neck gaiters are a great alternative.  


  1. Pack some heat – For some, heat packs are the only way to find respite from numb hands and feet. For the hands Hothands disposables are inexpensive and compact, or for something more stylish and sustainable there are the Zippo hand warmers. For the feet Hothands even do disposable foot warmers.


  1. Fend off frigid feet – Thick socks are no use if they are crammed into your normal sized shoes. Instead opt for footwear a size or so bigger to allow for the extra insulation. For the best results choose your new winter footwear from our huge range of snow boots which all come with extra insulation built in.


  1. Put warm things in, as well as on – Hot food and drink are like central heating for the body. If you’re heading out for long periods in the cold be sure to pack a flask of hot drink. Better still pack a second flask with hot food. Soup, baked beans, or even pasta and source all work a treat.
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With the 70s and 80s back in style, I just loving vignate clothing from the thrift shops. You can find designers like Chanel and Armani for cheap there. Ebay is great too!

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