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Festivals Abroad - Everything You Need To Know

Despite the UK being home to some of the world's best festivals, there’s something truly magical about taking that festival fun overseas. It’s not just down to the great weather either! We understand they can be quite daunting however, that's why we've created the Millets guide to surviving your first festival abroad.

Plan ahead

The key to making a festival abroad go smoothly is to plan your journey well in advance. Where will I stay? How will I get there? What am I allowed to take in? These are all questions you should be asking yourself long before you set off on your way to the festival. Check the weather before departure to make sure you have suitable clothing, and make sure that you pack anything that you'll need during the festival in a fanny pack. If the festival you're attending doesn't allow for camping, you're going to need to ensure you arrange some accommodation for the trip as well as transport. The better prepared you are, the greater the experience will be!

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Pack all of your belongings

There are so many things to remember to take when you go to a festival abroad, so be sure to make a list, and double check that you have everything. Mobile phone, cash, sunglasses, sun cream, comfortable shoes and a poncho should all be at the top of your list. We also suggest, if you really want to get in the mood, that you create and listen to a Spotify playlist of the festival you're attending whilst you're en-route to it.

Set up camp

Camping festivals abroad such as Benicassim, offer the best experience. You’ll find yourself absorbed by the atmosphere and getting into the true festival spirit in no time. If you're booked in for a festival like this, then you're going to need some equipment. Our essentials list includes a sleeping bag, camping chair, a pillow and of course a tent. You're also going to want to pick up some toiletries, festival showers aren’t always the most pleasant places, so make sure you take a toothbrush, deodorant and plenty of wet wipes.

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Stay secure

A safe rule of thumb for any festival, whether that be at home or abroad, is don't bring anything with you that you wouldn't want stolen. We get that you're going to need to take more stuff in with you if you're at a festival abroad. In this situation, we cannot recommend reserving a locker for your stuff enough. It'll cost an extra couple of quid, but it'll buy you peace of mind as well as potentially the cost of a new phone or any other valuables. If you can reserve a locker, make sure you do so before the festival as there is only a limited number of lockers available at music festivals.

If you're not able to reserve a locker for your gear and you have to keep everything in your tent, make sure you hide them well. Ensure that your valuables are secure when you're asleep as well, the last thing you want is your wallet or phone being stolen whilst you're asleep.

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Stay hydrated

We know that this is a very simple point, yet it's one many forget when it comes to festivals. It's even more important when you're abroad, where the weather is warmer, the sun is brighter, and the parties are louder. Most festivals provide water fountains where you can top up on drinkable water. A great tip is to bring a water bottle cap with you, this will avoid the problem of being sold a bottle of water without the cap, leaving you to either drink up quickly or figure out how to cover it up.

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So those are our top tips for surviving your first festival abroad. We get that there's a lot to remember, but don't let all that get in the way of our final rule of surviving festivals abroad, and that's to have fun! Be yourself, dance like no one can see you and feel those good vibes. You've been looking forward to this, now go enjoy it!

Want more festival tips and information? Head over to our new official festival page and kickstart your summer now!

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Ben is passionate about the beauty of the outdoors. Stargazing, sightseeing and outdoor photography hold a special place in his heart. Now that beauty is at risk he’s keen to take a stand to try and fight back against this Climate Crisis. In his free time, Ben is a music fanatic. If there’s one place you can find him, it’s at a festival. Plus, he plays guitar, bass and piano, as well as producing his own electronic & UK Garage tracks. He’s also a regular at every Wetherspoons in his local area, so if you ever see him around, pull up for a pint?

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