The Best Gear For Autumn Dog Walking

Faye Duncan2 min readAdvice & Guides

Dog’s need walking all year round, even in the blustery wind and rain, so we thought we would provide a checklist of essentials for exercising your pooch this autumn.

A waterproof pair of shoes is a must for when the dog drags you through the mud. A lightweight pair would be preferable in case you need to chase after your run away friend as they dash after a bird or a cat. The last thing you want is a heavy pair of boots weighing you down. Or even a pair of wellies, not great for running in, but ideal for when the puddles are unavoidable.

A 3 in 1 jacket is ideal to be ready for the weather no matter what it decides to do on a day to day basis. When the rain decides to stay away but the chill lingers, zip out the fleece and you’re good to go, but when the heavens open you still have a waterproof jacket there ready. Wear them both together and you can take on the worst weather conditions. Check out our 3 in 1 blog for more information on this versatile design.

If that’s a bit out of your price range you can stuff a lightweight waterproof jacket in your bag so it doesn’t matter where you are, you’ve got it covered.

When the wind is pretty high you’ll want to keep it blocked out. An insulated jacket or gilet will do the job. The excellent thermal properties will make sure you won't resent your furry friend for making you leave your warm, cosy home because you will be just as warm and cosy in your jacket.

It’s not just you that you need to think about when it comes to the weather – some accessories are ideal for your dog too. It’s safe to say when it rains your dog is going to get wet, so a quick drying, gloved towel, like the Mud Glove from Mountain paws is a handy item to have to towel dry their fur before they re-enter your house, splashing dirty water everywhere.

You can’t always have time to play with your pet on every walk, but when you do you don’t want the wet ground to put you off. Prevent your hands from being covered in mud and wet grass by using a ball thrower, so there’s no need to touch the ball yourself after your dog has dropped it in the muddiest puddle in the park.

Have you got any more tips on what you like to use during the autumn months? Let us know in the comments below.


David 14-10-16 16:23
I was very interested to see this blog as looking for a winter coat for dog walking was exactly why I looked on your site, so I'm disappointed that it seems you don't sell any full-length coats. You point out the benefits of 3 in 1 jackets and waterproof shoes but fail to point out that trousers will be totally unprotected from the elements! Please consider adding some waterproof coats to your range.
John 15-10-16 15:14
Agree with last comment
Just in from 3 mile dog walk and got just to remind everyone, waterproof coats are great, but the water runs off them onto your i cannot emphasise enough, the importance of waterproof trousers as well!
Please consider adding some waterproof trousers to your range.
Debra Godfrey 02-11-16 20:32
Don't forget about headgear! I do a lot of dog walking and a hat is essential on chilly windy days. I prefer a close fitting hat to keep the wind from my ears warm. A fairly light weight material is usually preferable for most conditions until the weather gets really cold, then obviously a more substantial material is required.
Millets Team 25-11-16 10:11
Hi David/John. We do have a range of waterproof trousers either to wear on their own or over your trousers. Perfect to protect your legs in the rain.

A hat is a great essential Debra! A close fitted hat will fit perfectly underneath a hood.

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