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The Benefits of Walking

We all know that walking outdoors can improve physical health, but did you know that it can work wonders for your mental health too?

A good walk can really clear the mind, put a spring in your step and motivate you to take on more challenges. We'll talk you through all the major benefits (mental and physical), giving you all the inspiration you need to take on the trails.



Instant Happiness

With all the stresses of daily life it can be hard to find peace and time to really see the world around you. Studies have shown that spending just a small amount of time outdoors each week can help to lift your mood. Step outside, breath in the fresh air and revitalise your spirit. It’s that easy! Walking outside has even been shown to lower rates of anxiety, depression and a negative mood when compared with time spent clocking up miles on an indoor treadmill. It can also boost self-esteem. We certainly know where we’d rather be!

walking poles


A Good Heart

A daily walk is obviously much better than just walking every now and then. Research has revealed that you can reduce your risk for coronary heart disease by about 19 per cent simply by walking for at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Your risk may reduce even further if you decide to increase the duration and/or distance of your daily walks.

Start with just a few miles each week and build yourself up, the main thing is to get your heart rate up.


Meet New People

We’re a nation of walkers. The UK is home to 15 national parks covered by hundreds of scenic trails for you to explore alongside your fellow walkers. From coastal paths and hillside hikes to country lanes and local parks, the UK is perfect for outdoor exploration. We recommend searching for local walking groups where you’ll find like-minded people to walk with. If you're a dog owner, there are lots of dog walking groups to get involved with, some will even let you borrow a pooch for the day!



Save £££'s

Walking is an ideal way to improve your fitness without spending a fortune on expensive gym memberships or home exercise equipment. We all know that easing money woes is good for mental wellbeing.


Live Longer

Slow and steady doesn't necessarily win the race! Researchers have discovered that walking at a faster pace could actually extend your life. A recent study showed that walking at an 'average' pace rather than to a 'slow' pace can reduce your overall risk of death from cardio-vascular conditions by up to 20 per cent. Walking at a 'brisk' or 'fast' pace (>4mph) reduces the risk by 24 per cent. Impressive.

family walk


There you have it, lots of reasons why you should get out for a walk. Head to the walking section of our website to pick up all the clothing, footwear and accessories you need to make walking an even more enjoyable experience.


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Ben is passionate about the beauty of the outdoors. Stargazing, sightseeing and outdoor photography hold a special place in his heart. Now that beauty is at risk he’s keen to take a stand to try and fight back against this Climate Crisis. In his free time, Ben is a music fanatic. If there’s one place you can find him, it’s at a festival. Plus, he plays guitar, bass and piano, as well as producing his own electronic & UK Garage tracks. He’s also a regular at every Wetherspoons in his local area, so if you ever see him around, pull up for a pint?

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