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Getting out of your comfort zone can be exhilarating and healthy for the mind, but when it comes to pushing yourself to the limit when you’re in the great outdoors, precautions still need to be taken… we aren’t all Bear Grylls.


There are many survival tips that nobody wants to, not just because it means you may be in danger, but simply because they are totally gross. We’ve picked out a few to turn your stomach.


Please note: Don’t read when eating your lunch!


Pee on yourself

Well, not literally, but it is essentially what you are doing. If you’re stuck in a hot climate and there’s no available water to cool you down then your wee (as disgusting as it sounds) can be used to do just that. Pee into your shirt to collect your urine so you can easily squeeze it over your head and moisten your lips. Yuck!


Drink your own urine

Some say this is good for you, others disagree. Whatever your take on it is, it’s still a gross tip that might just safe your life. We’ve all seen it on Bear Grylls’ survival shows, and I don’t know about you, but the thought of having to do this leaves me slightly queasy, but sometimes when your life depends upon it pride is something that has to be forgotten. If you are hydrated and there’s no clean water and you have no filter to decontaminate the dirty water it can be a big risk to drink it. Peeing in a flask and slurping the contents could be your best chance. It’s best to drink it fresh so it doesn’t turn bad. If it has been left for a while, make sure you boil it then leave it to cool before you drink it to kill off any germs.


Think about your belly

Your food supply will eventually run out so hunting for grub will become a necessity. Whether it is snakes, bugs or something larger, they will be a great source of protein. For me, eating a spider is just as bad as the thought of drinking urine, all those legs running around my mouth! However, you need to do your research before you head out on your exhibition to know what creatures you will come across out there and whether they are eatable. You don’t want to accidentally poison yourself!


Live (technically dead) wet suit

If you need a wetsuit a dead seal will do the trick. I don’t mean go out and attempt to tackle one, but if you so happen to stumble upon a deceased seal and you need to swim to safety, then they might just be your saviour. Their skin is excellent for insulation and to keep you dry and will come in handy if you ever need to swim in frozen waters.


Maggot therapy

If you receive a nasty wound out in the wilderness and you forgot to pack your first aid kit, you’re not going to have a nearby pharmacy to pop into. Maggots are a rather unpleasant option to help you out. Expose the wound to flies for one day and then cover it up. Once maggots have appeared they will clean out the dead tissue. But make sure you check on them daily so you can stop them once they reach your healthy skin. When this happens your urine can come back into play. Flush the maggots away with your pee if you don’t have any clean water. Keep a good eye on it to make sure they are all gone and it should hopefully start to heal normally.


Have you got any more disgusting wilderness survival tips to share? Post them in the comments below.


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