Summer Family Days Out

It's that time of year again, the school summer holidays. A whole six weeks to keep your kids entertained. It sounds daunting but it really doesn't need to be! We've compiled a list of great activities that the whole family can enjoy together this summer to help you out. You'll never have to hear the phrase "mum/dad I'm bored!" again!



The obvious way to start any Millets list! Camping is the perfect way to reconnect with your family. Once you get your kids (and yourselves) away from the electronics that they're normally glued to then you may realise how long it's been since you all sat down together and enjoyed each other's company with no distractions. There's no better bonding experience than sitting around a campfire telling stories. Camping also enables you to teach your kids valuable lessons about nature and allows them to learn skills such as pitching a tent, getting a campfire going etc.

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Kids love getting out on their bike, so why not join them for a free, fun family day out? With your supervision they can venture further than they ever have before and explore new surroundings on two wheels. Not only is it fun but it keeps you both fit and gets everyone out of the house on sunny days.



There's no better way to enjoy a sunny summer's day than with a relaxing family picnic! It’s a great way to bond with the family that doesn't break the bank. The experience can start at home by getting the kids to help you prepare their favourite treats. Once you've found your perfect spot and eaten your food, bring out a ball, kite or another game to enjoy together.

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The Beach

Who doesn't think of the beach when they imagine a summer activity? Right here in the UK we have some lovely beaches and while the temperatures may not reach the heights of Southern Europe very often, they still provide a fun filled day out for the family. Build sandcastles, go swimming in the sea, play volleyball or beach football with your kids or just lie back and sunbathe while your kids entertain themselves.


Wildlife spotting

There are many ways that you and your kids can discover the wonderful wildlife the UK has to offer this summer. Head down to a nearby forest or nature reserve and keep your eyes peeled for the creatures and critters that lurk in the foliage. You could also head to a local pond and discover the plethora of pondlife using small fishing nets and clear tupperware. Many local farms are open to the public so you and your children can learn about horses, cattle and other barnyard animals. For a real treat you could also venture to a nearby zoo or safari park to discover wildlife from all over the world.


Visit a castle

The UK is home to plenty of these fascinating ancient forts. They are a fantastic way to teach your kids about local history with many hosting guided tours that aren't too costly. Visit to find your nearest castle.


Family friendly festival

Not all festivals are aimed at boozed up adolescents! This summer there are a number of family friendly festivals taking place across the UK. Many have kids play and activity areas for those kids who aren't as interested in the main stage acts. Just a few examples of family friendly festivals taking in place in 2015 include: Deer Shed in North Yorkshire, Standon Calling in Hertfordshire, Camp Bestival in Dorset, Beautiful Days in Devon and Just So Festival in Cheshire.



Hiking may not sound like the most family friendly activity but there are loads of ways to make it fun for kids. Turn it into a scavenger hunt, integrate it with Geocaching, or give your kids a cheap camera each and see who can take the prettiest picture. Or, when all else fails, there's always the classic game of 'I Spy' to keep them entertained.

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Rainy days

No matter how many fun things you plan this summer, inevitably the weather may have plans of its own and spoil them! However, there are a number of fun activities to do with your kids on a rainy day. Why not set up a tent indoors and have a mock camping trip in front of your living room fireplace? Alternatively you could create an indoor treasure hunt, bake some tasty treats or organise your own film festival. However, at Millets we say there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear! If it does rain, throw on some waterproof clothing, slip on your wellies and get outside to do any of the aforementioned activities!


Can you think of any fun summer activities that we’ve missed off? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter or in the comments section below.


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