Sleep Under The Stars

Faye Duncan3 min readCamping

Sleep under the stars

Looking into easing your children into the world of camping? Where better place to start than your own back garden!


It’s far cheaper than paying for a campsite and all the petrol you use to get there, and it saves on stressing over what clothes and equipment you need as you try to predict the weather. When you have slightly dubious and unwilling children who are unsure on whether they will enjoy the camping experience, you will be thankful of these money, time and stress saving benefits.


All you need is a tent, sleeping bags and a mini stove to roast some marshmallows and you’ve got the perfect set up for a night under the stars, surrounded by your favourite people.


We have a great range of pop up tents to choose from to make your night in the garden start of smoothly. Your kids' will be amazed to watch a tent pop up out of no where - entertainment for them, easy for you. Take a look at our range here.


Once everything is set up, gather around your mini camp fire, toast your marshmallows and tell spooky ghost stories while gazing up at the stars. Idealic!


You'll be surprised what secrets will be discovered and how much you will learn from your loved ones once you get away from the TV and out into the great outdoors (even if it is only in your back yard).


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Jenny 04-08-15 09:20
Couldn't agree more camping in the garden is a great way to introduce the kids to camping & is great family activity to get everyone to spend some quality time together. Great post!

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