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Rainy Day Fun

make the most of a rainy day

So, you’ve got your whole day planned out – long walks soaking up the stunning views, taking a break with a picnic, maybe even a barbecue, and then it starts to rain. For some, this would be the end of the trip out, entire day ruined, and they will spend the day in front of the TV instead.


Here at Millets we think a little rain never hurt anybody. There may be many things to do indoors when the heavens open, and yes that may be the easy option, but there is so much fun to be had outdoors too.


Grab your waterproof jacket, pull on your wellies and get the kids’ out the door.


There’s something so fun about splashing in puddles. As long as the little ones have their wellies on, where’s the harm? They will be enjoying themselves and you will be happy seeing them smile – heck, why not join in!


Head down to a stream and see if you can spy a toad. The damper the ground the more chance they will come out of hiding and will be easier to spot. The children will love to see them in action – be careful they don’t get too close, you don’t want the little creatures to be scared (the toads we mean, not the children).


The rain can be just as beautiful as the sun if you’re ready to embrace it. Pack your camera in your daysack and take some snaps of your surroundings for a different memory of your favourite view – no natural image is ever the same twice and the sky can form some stunning colours when it's raining.


You don’t get a rainbow without a bit of rain. Don’t spot one from your window – be among the rainbow when the rain stops and the sun comes out for the best view. What better moment to have your camera in hand to record the memory.


So, go on, strut your stuff come rain or shine. Splash through the puddles and mud humming Singing in the rain as you go.


Want to get outdoors in all weathers, but you don’t have the gear? Take a look at our waterproofs and wellies and be ready whatever the weather.


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