Product Review: Putting the Berghaus Air to the Test


The phrase ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ comes to mind when people ask me to describe the Berghaus Air Tent. 70mph winds, horizontal rain, golf-ball sized hail and heavy snowfall were all on the agenda for my epic five-day camping adventure in County Durham and The Lake District, and I’m surprised to say the tent survived these brutal conditions, and so did I.

I'm Jack from Millets HQ: here’s my first impressions of the Berghaus Air 4 Tent and how it stood up to Mother Nature’s worst.

Many told me I was crazy to go camping so early in the year, and even more so when I told them my tent of choice. I was on the lookout for a spacious tent to replace my Vango Beta 550XL and decided to purchase something from the exclusive Berghaus Air Tent Collection. I’d heard great things about the revolutionary air tube pitching system and really liked the classic Berghaus colours so after checking the tent out in store I took the plunge and ordered the smallest offering in the range, the Air 4.

As a Scout leader and someone who regularly holidays in the UK under canvas, I felt that the Air 4 would give me the comfort, headroom and space I needed. The Air 4 is primarily designed for small families and couples looking for a spacious tent that is easy to pitch and will bring a touch of luxury to the campsite.

When the tent arrived it was a little larger than I expected, but because there are no poles I found the tent to be surprisingly light and therefore it was easy to lift in and out of the car using the strong handles on the carry bag. The bag also has wheels which is a handy feature.

After an initial tester pitch in my friend's garden the week before, I set off for Barnard Castle Camping & Caravanning Club Campsite in County Durham. On arrival I was told ‘…you do know we had 70mph winds last night don’t you?’ and ‘…I hope you’ve brought some extra pegs with you…’ After this great confidence booster, I set about finding a sheltered pitch to inflate my tent. I must admit I was a little apprehensive about pitting an inflatable tent against 70mph winds but there was no going back so I made the most of a dry spell and laid out my tent footprint.



'A footprint will protect the underside of your tent, keeping it dry and dirt-free.'


The innovative air tube system made erecting the tent so quick and simple. The Air 4 has three inflatable air beams which each feature an integrated inflation valve. To inflate you simply push the valve once so it is open, attach the included high pressure foot pump which twists securely into the valve, and then begin to pump. To my amazement (and the rest of the campsite who came over to watch) each beam went up in a matter of seconds. These spring loaded, quick release air valves are also used for deflating the tent; simply press each valve once and stand back to watch the tent drop effortlessly. This was a great feature for a quick tent strike when I moved on to the National Trust’s Great Langdale Campsite in The Lake District.



'The easy-pitch air tube system of the Berghaus Air 4 Tent has changed camping forever.'


Throughout my entire camping trip, the air beams remained stable and strong whatever the weather. The worst, and most unexpected weather arrived on my last night camping when heavy snow was dumped across the campsite. The snow to my surprise collected on the roof of the tent and the weight of the snowdrift depressed the beams to the floor, something I have never experienced before, (and might I add wouldn’t rush to experience again). Despite this, once I’d pushed the snow off the tent the air beams simply stood back up. It is very likely that if I have been camping in a tent with standard fibreglass poles, that the weight of the snow would have broken the poles so I was glad to be sleeping under this inflatable alternative. Remember - I’ve tested the Berghaus Air 4 against heavy snow so you don’t have to (mainly because you’ll likely camp at a more appropriate time of the season).

My favourite feature of the Berghaus Air Range is the integrated rain shelter entrance to the side which kept the weather out of the tent throughout my trip. The sewn-in groundsheet was also fantastic as it completely sealed the tent from front to back, extending underneath the sleeping compartment for total protection against wind, rain and mud.



'The integrated rain shelter creates an entrance that can be used in wet conditions.'


The large windows to the front and sides of the porch create a light and airy space in which to relax while convenient pockets below the side window and throughout the inner tent are ideal for stashing your essentials. The four corner stakes make securing the tent so simple and I’m a big fan of the Berghaus blue fabric colour which contrasts well with the luminous guylines and yellow sections which bring a vibrant pop to the overall design. The fact that the inner tent is so easy to remove and clip-in was a real bonus. For those who have devices that need juice there is a handy zipped electric hook up port which allows you to bring mains power into your tent.



'Convenient pockets dotted around the tent mean you always have a place to stash your essentials'


So how did the Berghaus Air fare over my five-day camping trip? Well the answer is brilliantly! Both myself and my brother agreed that the weather conditions were terrible, yet the Air 4 took everything in its stride.

How could the Berghaus Air 4 be improved? Well I feel the rain shelter which currently is held up with a fibreglass pole would have dealt with the challenging conditions better if it was replaced with an inflatable beam. This is something that the design team has included in the design of the new Berghaus 6XL Air Tent.

The Berghaus Air 4 for me was the perfect home from home for this trip. An inflatable Air Porch is also available which I am very temped by to complete my set up. With the Berghaus Air 4 Tent having survived rain, wind, hail and snow, you can be confident that the Air Tent will more than meet your camping needs throughout spring, summer and early autumn. It truly is a tent for the unexpected!



'The Berghaus Air 4 pitched at the National Trust Great Langdale Campsite'


Has Jack’s review tempted you? The Berghaus Air 4 is exclusive to millets as part of our Berghaus Air Tent Collection. Available to order online or in store now, choose from the Air 4, 6, 8, Air Porch, or new 6XL now.


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David Hardy 13-05-17 11:44
Sounds as though this tent will cope with really bad weather BUT I have read terrible reports about air beam tents failing in hot climates ie south of France or Spain. can you comment on the reliability and temperatures that the Berghaus tent ca cope with before I buy one.
Steve T 08-06-17 09:33
I bought an Air 4 recently and used it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It went up within a very short space of time, and survived heavy rainstorms without any problem. It also packed away easily, again within 15 minutes. I was really pleased with my purchase and look forward to more trips this year.
bridget 14-07-17 22:08
the front has two eyelets and guy rope is this for the purpose of a sun canopy as we put pegs in which kept airflow good and then we wondered why the eyelets we can only presume it to be sun canopy
Lou H 25-07-17 14:36
Hi Bridget, you can indeed use the entrance door as a porch/sun canopy. You would need to purchase a set of King Poles for this, but once its up it provides you with a lovely outdoor, sheltered space that is usefull for cooking or enjoying the views whilst it may be a bit drizzly out. Hope that answers your question.
Hilary Jones 03-11-19 08:30
I just lost my air tent in the Cornwall storm. We managed to escape by cutting ourselves out but the tent is now somewhere in a field in Newquay. It has withstood many storms but this one was something else! It held on until we woke at 4am to find the front porch ripped off and water pouring in onto electric. I crawled on hands and knees to the socket outside, while hubby was trapped inside. We battled to get belongings out in the dark but eventually we were in danger ourselves so climbed dripping wet into our car for safety. When it got light our lovely tent had gone. Would still recommend this tent highly though.
Andrew Valente 12-02-20 09:54
Helllo there on the air porch in the bottom of the door does it have holes to fit poles in for a canopy

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