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Outdoor Art

Create Outdoor Art

The whole point of being a kid is to get as creative and messy as you want (without having to be the one that cleans it up). Join the two together, take it outside and what do you get? Outdoor art of course.


There are so many ways to get creative outside. All you need is paper or a concrete floor, chalk, crayons and paint, balloons and natural objects and you’re ready for any kind of artistic fun.


Tip: Make sure the paint is harmless to the skin and safe for children to use.


Decorate your drive

Hand out the chalk and let your kids go wild. They will make your driveway more colourful than you could imagine – but don’t worry, it’s not permanent, the rain will wash it away. Or better yet, fill balloons with watered down paint. As they throw it to the ground the balloon will burst with an explosion of colour.


Good ole finger paint

Take a piece of paper, some paint and a pair of little hands and let them draw with what Mother Nature gave them. No need for safety mats in case they go over the edges – they’re outside so it doesn’t matter, giving them the freedom to be as messy and as creative as they like.


Nature tracing

Collect different items from around your garden or along your walk, such as leaves, bark and pine cones. Place a sheet of paper over the object and scribble over the top with your chalk, crayons or coloured pencils to create the trace of your chosen piece of the outdoors. You will be surprised to see how many different marks they will make and the children will have a nice keepsake to take home with them without removing anything from their natural habitat.


Create a natural collage

Collect some leaves, flowers and other little treasures that can be found outside (as long as nothing is picked from other peoples gardens). Let the children arrange them as they like on a piece of paper or card and they have created their very own collage.


Add a bit of colour to your garden

Spruce up your plant pots or garden walls by letting your children loose with the paint and glitter. Give them a section that they can decorate and they will feel special knowing that they have their own area just for them where they can make it look how they want. 


Have you got any other tips on how to be creative outdoors? Let us know in the comments below. Share your artistic pictures with us on Facebook and Tweet us on #milletssummer

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