Luxury Camping vs Wild Camping

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We love camping! It’s the perfect trip to get away from the city life and take you back to nature, so when someone says ‘nah camping isn’t for me’, here at Millets we are baffled. We understand that not everyone likes to be completely isolated with nowhere to wash, no power supply and with very limited luxuries, but this isn’t the only way to camp. You can, as they call it, ‘glamp’.


So what are the benefits and down sides of glamping and wild camping. Let’s see which one you will prefer…


Luxury camping

  • Pros – the most obvious benefit is the added luxuries you get. You can take everything but your kitchen sink if you like (technically you could actually take a sink within your kitchen stand) so there's nothing you have to live without.
  • Cons – taking as much as you want, can also be a down side. Trying to pack it all and carry it can be a bit of a chore.
  • Pros – you get so much space. With luxury camping comes big tents and separate rooms for all your gear and extra privacy.
  • Cons – you will usually be on a campsite that can be busy and noisy.
  • Pros – despite the noise you have room for airbeds and camp beds for a more comfortable sleep and down time.
  • Cons – cost is a big factor. Not only does it cost more to buy all your luxuries, it also costs to book a spot on the campsite.
  • Pros - if you are on a campsite the liklihood is there will be a place for you to have a shower and to use a 'proper' toilet. A luxury we all take for granted.
  • Cons - are you really embracing the outdoors on a plush airbed with a fully functional kitchen set and toilet facilities?
  • Pros - if you have kids this will be the best and safer way to introduce them to the world of camping.
  • Cons - more planning is involved. You can't always turn up to the campsite on the day without booking; they can fill up pretty quickly in peak season.
  • Pros - if you're struggling there will be other campers around to lend a helping hand.


Wild camping

  • Pros – you can camp in a much more discreet and quiet area for complete peace and relaxation.
  • Cons – if you aren’t camping on a campsite you need to check and make sure the place you want to pitch is a place where you are actually allowed to do so and isn’t a spot for wild and dangerous animals (particularly if you are in a foreign country). Do your research before you go.
  • Pros – you don’t have as much gear to carry, pack and unload. This makes things so much quicker and easier.
  • Cons – usually if you’re wild camping means you will have all your gear on your back in a rucksack while you hike for the perfect spot which can be tiring.
  • Pros – on the other hand, who doesn’t love a hike?
  • Cons – having your gear on your back will limit what you take. The thought of carrying it for miles will make you question what you actually need, so most or all of your luxuries will get left behind leaving you with the bare essentials.
  • Pros – you get to fully switch off from the busy and technical world of everyday life and truly enjoy the simple things that nature has to offer.
  • Cons - fresh and drinkable water isn't always readily available when wild camping. A filter and water containers are a great way to combat this.
  • Pros - you will get to be more creative with your camping food and will test and improve your survival skills.


We carried out a poll on Twitter to see which of our customers prefer and the results are in… Wild Camping wins with 62% in their favour.

Have you got any more pros and cons of glamping and wild camping? Let us know in the comments below, or head over to our Facebook and Twitter page and leave us a comment there.




david hughes 21-08-16 20:05
gimmee wild camping anytime
last expedition
wild camp 1000foot Snowdonia on my own
well worth the breathtaking scenery do it again defo
Mark 04-09-16 04:23
I am 62 years old and cannot carry as much as I used too.

I have an easy answer to that, a shopping trolley.

I still have a back pack, properly adjusted so that the weight is on my hips, not shoulders and back.

I really prefer wild camping and have all the gear to be self sufficient.

This includes 2 10 watt thin solar panels, giving me around 1.5 amps, adequate to charge up my li po batteries (20 amps or 6.8 amps),which in turn gives me light, run/ recharge netbook which incudes a tv stick,recharge mobile phone or android phone, osprey ee+ mobile broadband.

Using the trolley means I can take a decent size 2 man tent, 5 litres or more if required, of water if I dont have a nearby water source, plus of course purifying tablets to make use of local water if there is any and a fair amount of anything else I want to take with me... including of course food, cooker and gas.

Wild camping means you can be alone and have peace and quite as well as save money.

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