Keep The Bugs Away

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As much as we love the outdoors, there are some downsides to getting out in the open. One of the biggest irritants an outdoorsman will encounter is the risk of biting insects. Use our handy guide for hints, tips and excellent products that will help you keep those annoying and dangerous bugs away.


Tips on how to keep bugs away


Dry land

As nice as it can be setting up near a lake, try not to camp too close. This includes ponds, streams or any damp area. These types of areas attract mosquitoes and other insects, as well slighlty larger creatures, like toads.



Believe it or not, citrus is an amazing insect repellent! You may have noticed most anti-insect sprays have a citrusy smell. You should purchase lemon or orange shower gel to wash with and pack plenty of citrus fruit for your feast. Hopefully you will like the smell, but bugs will hate it and hopefully leave you alone!


Keep food covered

An obvious one, but very important. Nobody likes to get to their food and find unwanted critters crawling all over it. Always make sure your food is covered up when you aren't eating, particularly sugary food. Purchase tightly sealed containers to keep any loose food inside and away from predators.


Clear drinking containers

You might like sweet, sugary drinks, but so do bugs! Don't drink from cans or coloured bottles as you won't be able to see what has found its way inside. Transparent bottles will ensure you can easily disclose the presence of a stinging insect.


Products to keep bugs away

At Millets we have everything you need to keep those nasty biting critters at bay. In this guide we have selected six of our favourite anti-insect products.


Summit Mosquito Coil

Simply light this Repellent Coil from Summit to repel mosquitoes, midges, gnats and other flying insects. It gives off a mild vapour when lit and is mounted on a provided coil stand.


Lifesystems Portable Mosquito Killer Unit

A battery powered Portable Mosquito Killer Unit from Lifesystems that can be used safely in tents. It releases an odourless scent that is harmless to humans, but very effective against insects. Cartridges work for approximately 7 nights, with replacements sold separately.


Lifesystems Expedition 50+ Insect Repellent Spray

This effective insect repellent spray from Lifesystems uses a dual action formula that combines DEET with insecticidal natural oils to repel insects. It acts against mosquitoes, midges, horseflies, sandflies, gnats, fleas and ticks and lasts up to 8 hours.


Summit Citronella Candle Tins - 3 Pack

Another method of repelling biting insects is by lighting one of these Citronella Candle Tins from Summit. They produce a fresh lime aroma that not only repels mosquitoes and other biting critters, but provides a fresh, pleasant smell.


Lifesystems Micro Mosquito Net

In some countries it is better to be safe than sorry. No matter how much you attempt to repel mosquitoes, some are just too persistent, and when they carry disease it isn't worth the risk. That is where this Micro Mosquito Net from Lifesystems comes in. Designed for suspension from between one and three points, the extended skirt tucks under your mattress or sleeping mat. The diamond mesh polyester fabric is impregnated with EX-8 Permethrin insect repellent and is machine washable.


Lifesystems Insect Bite Relief Click

If you are unfortunate enough to receive a bite then this handy piezoelectric gadget will instantly soothe the bite symptoms. The Lifesystems Insect Bite Relief Click is easy to use and can be used as often as you need to - simply 'click' on the bite as soon as you are bitten for maximum effect.



At Millets, we also sell a wide range of insect repellent clothing. From t-shirts to trousers, they are perfect for travel. One of the most effective insect repellent treatments is the NosiLife range from Craghoppers.



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