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'Home is where you pitch your tent'


At Millets HQ we love camping; so much so that we decided to put on an exclusive family camping event and invite special guests from the blogging community to come and share their tent setups and camping stories with us. Three days, four families, seven tents, and one common passion: camping! Here’s a preview of what we got up to.


Our Special Guests

Joining us for the three days was Lauren from The Helpful Hiker, Penny from ParentShaped, Colette from We're Going on an Adventure, and Louise from My Gorgeous Boys; who all brought their families. Click on their names above to watch a video of each blogger giving you a tour of their tent setup. Afer such an exciting and jam-packed weekend, here are our highlights.


I Need a Hero

'When you’re trapped in the cold, high up on a hill, who you gonna call?' Forget Ghostbusters! You need Mountain Rescue.

Mountain Rescue is a free, voluntary service that provides support, help and rescue to anyone who ventures outdoors. We were lucky enough to be joined by members of the Buxton team who brought their search vehicle, equipment and the energetic search and rescue dog, Bob. Team Leader Mike Nield showed us how having Bob greatly increases their chances of finding someone while other members of the team took us through the equipment they need for a rescue. The families got hands on with the stretchers and really enjoyed working the siren and blue lights on the rescue vehicle.

Did you know that Mountain Rescue is a 999 service? Check out our interview with Team Leader Mick to learn more about the service.


Hiking Through History

After a fantastic morning spent with Mountain Rescue, it was time to get off-site and go exploring. Once everyone had their walking boots, waterproof jackets and rucksacks on, we headed out as a group. Our destination: the imposing Lud’s Church.

Lud’s Church is an impressive natural chasm found within the Black Forest in Staffordshire. As you descend the steep granite steps which lead into this impressive natural cleft in the rock, daylight is replaced by a heavy gloom. Condensation drips from the thick rock which rises up around you over 15 metres high. Tales tell of Druids calling it a natural church, a spiritual corridor in the ground made by the devil slashing the earth with a fingernail. Folklore also tells of the area being the inspiration for the Green Chapel in the late 14th Century poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. However, strip back all this mysticism and storytelling and Lud’s Church still stands as an awesome display of the true power of nature.


Hiking in the Peak District


The Bake-Off Returns

Nothing beats a hearty meal with the family after a long day adventuring. Our friends at Coleman, had laid on a real treat for us when we got back from our hike. First, we cooked Chilli and Spaghetti Bolognaise on their fantastic gas stoves. A few of the campers even got extra creative, making cheesy garlic bread from scratch! Once we were suitably full and warmed up the real fun began. Split into teams, we were challenged to create a delicious fruit crumble and custard. Given the ingredients, each team of budding bakers got to work mixing, whisking and kneading their way to victory. Would anyone crumble under the pressure? All the crumbles tasted incredible! We all tucked in to a delicious desert before settling down for the night around a campfire.


Let's Talk Tents

Put a load of passionate campers together and it’s guaranteed that the conversation will inevitably turn to camping. The weekend gave everyone the chance to share their tips, show off their home from home’s and find out their fellow campers best kept camping secrets. With fantastic tents and camping gear on show from Eurohike target="_blank", Berghaus target="_blank", and Outwell target="_blank", there was plenty of us to look at and discover.


Family Camping Event


Want to share your tent setup or a secret camping tip? Share you pictures and ideas on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tag it using the #homefromhome


For their involvement and support we would like to thank Mountain Rescue, Coleman, Penny from Parent Shaped, Colette from Going on an Adventure, Lauren from The Helpful Hiker and Louise from My Gorgeous Boys.

Outdoor games were kindly provided by Born Gifted and Traditional Garden Games.



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