Half Term Fun With Millets

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Half term can be tough to keep your little ones entertained especially when the weather can have a massive impact on what you can do. But here at Millets we believe the great outdoors is beautiful sun, rain or snow, so why not let us help. We’ve thought up some great ideas to guide you through the week.


Park life

Taking the family to the park in February may not seem like the most favourable idea as you look out of the window to see the blustery winter weather, but once you are all fully wrapped up in our gear you will be ready to tackle anything. Watch your children run through the puddles with a big grin on their face in our waterproof wellies. See their breath through the cool air without them actually feeling the cold thanks to our cosy gloves and scarfs. And most of all see them enjoy their time away from the classroom. Why not take some old bread and feed the ducks too. That's a guaranteed smile on their little faces.


Bike ride

Keeping your child active and breathing in the fresh country air is such a great way to ensure their tired heads fall straight to sleep in the evening. There are many beautiful bike routes all over the country just waiting for you and your mini riders to discover. As supporters of families spending their days together in the great outdoors we provide a great range of cycling gear. We are certain all little girls will adore our Glitter and Sparkle bikes with a seat perched at the back for their favourite doll to ride along with them. Or how about a bike with space to store a football for those that love the game. Your children won’t take much persuading to leave the warmth of your home when they have these to ride.


To find the best routes near you take a look at the National Trust website for some ideas.


Top Tip: They will be having fun without realising you’re trying to tire them out.



If you’re a family that can embrace the cold then nothing can beat a quick weekend away from the hustle and bustle of town and city life. Pack up the essentials, pitch a tent and soak up the peaceful atmosphere.

Camping is always fun when you’re prepared for any situation and we will always be here to ensure you are fully kitted out. But one thing you mustn’t forget is to have a little fun with it to keep the children happy. Games and toys are an easy way to keep them entertained, but when it’s time for some down time what better way to keep them comfy than funky animal chairs that we just know your little ones will adore. No more arguments trying to get them to sit down and take a breather, they won’t be able to refuse if this is what they get to rest in.


Indoor fun

If the weather is just too much, even with your outstanding waterproof gear, staying indoors can be just as much fun. They can have tones of adventures without even leaving the house with our array of games and activities. Why not set up your own indoor tent and bring your camping experience to your living room.

Your local swimming pool is a great place to ensure the kids still get plenty of exercise without having to tackle the cold. It's also a great way to sepnd an afternoon. Win win!


Head over to our facebook page and let us know what fun activities you get up to this half term.


Have a great week!




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