Get Outdoors For Your New Year's Resolution

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It's that time again, when guilt sets in and you decide on which aspect of your life you need to change for the new year. It's an age old tradition that gives you the perfect excuse to set yourself a personal target. If you've still not decided on a New Year's resolution then these tips and ideas will help you make your decision in time for 2016.

Hints & tips

When deciding on a New Year's resolution you should make sure it is:

  • Realistic - your resolution should be achievable, don't take on too many resolutions at once or be too ambitious and try to hold yourself to a standard you won't be able to adhere to. 
  • Something you're enthusiastic about - you should view your resolution positively, as a way to improve your life and not see it as a punishment.
  • Fairly specific - obviously your resolution doesn't need to be too rigid and there should always be room for flexibility but it can be helpful to quantify it if you can. Rather than just saying "exercise more" it should be "exercise X times a week"


Resolution ideas

Giving your New Year's resolution an outdoors theme is a great idea for 2016; it's inexpensive meaning you save money rather than paying for an expensive gym membership, the fresh air and exercise is healthy, and the possibilities are endless.

  • Lose weight/get fit - there are many outdoor New Year's resolutions that can help you achieve this: walk X miles a week, go for X hikes a month, run X times a week etc. The distance and frequency can be increased over the year.
  • Walk new places - if you're not as bothered about getting into shape but love to walk, why not try and walk as many new trails as you can. For example, walk a new trail every month?
  • Travelling - maybe you have a burning desire to see the world this coming year? Why not set a target of new cities to visit throughout the year and cross them off one by one?
  • Camp more - if you love to go camping but don't find the time to go as much as you like, try to make the time in the new year. Maybe set a target of camping once a month or X amount of times a year? To mix it up you could find a new place to camp each time.
  • Try new activities - if you're someone who wants to try new things next year then why not set a target of trying a new outdoor activity every month? There are many you may not yet have tried: geocaching, mountain biking, trail running, barefoot running, wild camping, via ferrata, fishing, skiing, climbing, 
  • Simply spend more time outdoors - you don't have to be too specific, why not just aim to limit the time you spend looking at screens and enjoy the outdoors more often?

Whatever you decide to make your New Year's resolution, we wish you the best of luck and a Happy New Year! And remember, Millets is always here to provide you with quality, affordable gear to help you in any new pursuit.


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