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10 Garden Activities to Entertain the Kids

As times are uncertain and routines have changed, you may be feeling a little lost. Most schools are closed and therefore most children will be at home. So, you might be wondering how to keep your little ones entertained…

Thats why we've put together a list of some interesting and unique ideas to get their bodies moving, their brains working and your families bonding. 

Two children reading in a tent


1. Camping Fun

Since you can’t go to any camping sites, then let’s bring the camping site to you! Why not create your own little camping holiday in your back garden? Or even inside! Set up a small or medium sized tent in your garden or in a room in your house. Then simply fill it with airbeds, sleeping bags, blankets and lights. The whole family will be entertained with this back yard mini vacation; the perfect weekend activity to look forward to.

Two children reading in a tent

2. BBQ Party

We’re heading our way to summer and it’s starting to get a little warmer…so what better way to celebrate is there than a good old family BBQ with the kids? There’s a whole load of different ways to cook and eat outside, whether it’s with a disposable BBQ, a gas BBQ or a portable grill. So, cook some sausages, get a little music on and enjoy spending quality time with the kids!

BBQ party

3. Mini Sports Day

Since most of your children won’t be taking part in their routine PE lessons, then how about creating your own mini sports day. Set up a collection of activities to do, such as a sleeping bag or pillow case sack race, a tug of war with your dressing gown belt or an egg and spoon race (if you want to avoid the mess then we have the perfect egg and spoon race set). Get the whole family involved in the challenge, keep fit and have fun. You could even have a prize for the winner; after all, there’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition!

Sack race

4. Learn to Map Read

Schools are closed and most children are at home, so you might be wondering how you can feed your little ones’ minds. Well how about doing something educational with them like learning to map read? This way they can learn and have fun at the same time. You can choose from a large range of maps and map equipment online and then use the Ordnance Survey Map reading guides for beginners, which can be found here.

Map reading

5. Go Nature Hunting

Get in the garden, create a nature check list and see what your kids can find! From bugs, to plants, to rock and soil, this fun activity will allow children to explore, have fun and learn all at once. You can make different lists depending how old your children are, meaning all different ages can get involved.


6. Teddy Bears' Picnic

If you have younger children, then why not have a picnic with teddy bears or toys? Make a buffet style lunch and set up indoors or outdoors. The children will love getting their toys involved whilst spending time with you. And if your kids are older, just have the picnic without the toys!

Teddy bears' picnic

7. Treasure Hunt

Kids love exploring, figuring puzzles out and being rewarded at the end; a treasure hunt does all that in one! You can set up your treasure hunt indoors, outdoors or across both! Clues can either be made by yourself (depending how creative you are) or can simply be printed out from online. And you could even make your hunt educational by leaving Maths, English or other subjects’ questions along the way. Whichever way you do it, make sure to leave a treat at the end for the treasure!

Treasure hunt

8. Gardening

Get yourselves in the garden and get some jobs done. Spend some time with your kids pulling up weeds, clearing twigs and leaves, watering the flowers and even planting some new ones! Children love to get involved, so get your little helpers ready and enjoy doing this job together.


9. Arts and Crafts

Drawing, painting, cutting, sticking, the list goes on. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild with an arts and crafts day either indoors or outdoors. They could paint pictures, paint stones or even paint each other with some hand painting art! If the weather is dismal or you don’t have a garden, then arts and crafts can easily take place inside - they could do some colouring, or create pictures with painted pasta shells. With both your imaginations, your fun, arty day will be a success!

Hand painting

10. Wash the Car

Whilst your little ones are at home, use the time wisely and get them involved with some of the chores. Washing the car is the job which involves the most fun (for them anyway). So, grab some sponges, a bucket and water and let the fun begin! And if you have older children, you could even get them to help you with cleaning the inside. This will make doing the task yourself more enjoyable too!

Car wash

So, the world is your oyster! Get creative, and use some of these fantastic ideas to keep your kids occupied whilst they’re at home. With any luck you’ll tire them out so they get to bed at a normal time too!

We send our best wishes to you and your friends and families throughout these strange times.

Stay active, stay positive, and stay safe.

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