Dog Walking Essentials: You & Pooch

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Dogs love walks! Dogs need walks! And that means, come rain or shine, you and your beloved pooch have to get outdoors regularly. Whether you enjoy early morning, late evening or weekend strolls, it's essential that you and your dog have the right gear for the conditions when out walking.

To celebrate National Walking month this May, we've collaborated with OS GetOutside Champion Tracy Purnell, to put together an essential kit for you and your pooch.

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A good sturdy pair of walking boots is essential. Due to uneven terrain, it is important to protect those ankles and provide good traction on slippery ground. Keeping your feet dry from external conditions and preventing sweating is vital for good foot care and comfort. Appropriate walking socks can make all the difference to the comfort of your feet during your walk too.




Be prepared for all weather conditions, the weather can change very quickly near the coast and in the mountains. Carrying a waterproof jacket will provide you with breathable windproof and waterproof protection, should the weather take a turn for the worst. Peter Storm packables and other lightweight jackets fold down so small and are extremely light, taking up very little space in your bag. Also, a fleece will be invaluable to keep you warm on those snack stops. A pair of gloves even during the summer months can be a vital piece of kit to have - wind temperatures can be bitterly cold at the coast and mountain summits any time of year.

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Fresh water for yourself and your dog is a must. When at the coast, drinking salt water is bad for your dog. It can result in dehydration, vomiting and diarrhoea. You should try to prevent your dog from drinking sea water and carry a travel dog bowl and some fresh water. Treats and snacks are also a good idea to keep energy levels high and tummies full. Dog waste bags and a container to store them in can be clipped to the outside of your rucksack for ease of use.


Navigation & Safety


Carrying a small first aid kit can be crucial in an emergency situation. The basics can prove vital should even the smallest accident occur. A map of the area and a compass is another essential piece of kit to have in your rucksack. It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it! So, now you need something to carry all these items. A 30 litre sack would be ample size to fit the essential items in, including some snacks and the all-important flask of tea.

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