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Press Play On Your Summer Holiday

The Coronavirus has paused our outdoor adventures for a while now. For those craving an outdoor escape, we can finally share some good news. With lockdown measures relaxing across the UK, it looks like summer holidays might once again be on the cards. Here’s a round-up of what you need to know, plus our new video.

PLEASE NOTE – all information is as given at the time of writing. Please refer to government guidance and check before you travel.

Enjoy the Outdoors Responsibly


While life won't feel 'normal' for some time yet, it's great that we can once again press play on adventure and enjoy the outdoors responsibly. Yet it is important to stress that we should all recognise that the virus still poses a risk to both yourself and others. Therefore, it’s essential that you keep up to date with the latest government and public health advice. Here’s our quick guide to staying safe outdoors whatever your adventure.

Check Before You Travel :- From campsites to beaches, check they are open and what their rules are before you travel. Remember, guidelines do vary across the UK.

Over-Prepare :- Facilities might be closed and queues might be a reality. Consider pack lunches, hand sanitisers and masks. Plus, check the toilet situation!

Social Distancing Matters :- Limiting contact with others is essential. Follow social distancing rules at all times and if the area is too busy, don’t hang around.

Consider Closer to Home :- Now is the perfect time to discover your local area. Travel restrictions also vary across the UK so check before you go.

Leave No Trace :- There’s no excuse for littering. Care for outdoor spaces and leave them as you find them.

Showing Symptoms? :- If you or anyone in your household has symptoms, you must stay at home and self-isolate following government advice.

Campsites Given the Green Light


It is great to see so many people joined us during lockdown to camp out in their back gardens. Yet, we’ve all been eagerly awaiting news on the reopening of campsites and caravan parks.

According to the latest government guidance, campsites in England will be able to open from 4th July. In Scotland campsites are earmarked for reopening on 15th July and in Northern Ireland the announcement states an opening of caravan parks and campsites from the 26th June. For Wales, there is no confirmed date yet, although self-contained accommodation can open from 13th July. Make sure you check the latest government guidance and campsite rules before booking your holiday.

Check out our Guide to Camping Through COVID where we aim to answer your questions on safety, campsite facilities and other things you should consider when planning your summer camping trip.


Walkers Can Wander Again


With travel restrictions set to relax further, taking a hike has now become more possible. National parks are open but be aware that there will an influx of people which can make social distancing harder to follow. Car parks in particular can be hot spots so stay alert and don’t hang around.

If you are concerned, then we recommend staying local and finding walks where visitor numbers are likely to be lower. If you do head further afield, don’t take unnecessary risks, tell people where you are going and be sure to take the right equipment with you. The current pandemic makes things even harder for organisations like Mountain Rescue to help you in a crisis.

- Here’s a few quick tips to help you walk safely outdoors:

- Pack hand sanitiser for gates and styles

- Follow social distancing at all times with people not in your household

- Stay vigilant in car parks

- Plan walks where open spaces are common

- Take your litter with you


The Bike Boom Continues


Since lockdown began, bike sales have been booming as more and more people jump to two wheels. With quieter roads and good weather, cycling has been a fun and affordable way for people to enjoy the outdoors and even commute. With restrictions easing, there is little sign that the demand for bikes will slow over summer so buy yours now to avoid missing out.

From peddling around town to pushing yourself on off-road trails, cycling is a great way to explore the outdoors. Just be aware of walkers and take care when riding on roads. Read our Bike Buying Guide


UK Beach Breaks


Looking to top up your tan or feel the sand between your toes again? Beaches in England are now open and when the weather is good, these places can feel irresistible for many. But be aware that areas are seeing a massive influx of people to their beautiful beaches, so think about the following things before you travel:

- Facilities may not be open including toilets

- Follow social distancing at all times with people not in your household

- An early start can help you to beat the crowds, but expect them to get busy

- Take your litter with you!

- If things feel too busy, it’s time to head home

Restrictions on travel, facilities and destinations vary across the UK so check government guidelines and local council sites before travelling.

You'll find the latest information on where you can now go on holiday from BBC News here

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