Creating A Photo Safari

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Go on a photo safari

A great activity to keep your little ones entertained this Summer is creating a photo safari. What do we mean by this? Well, grab a camera and take some fun snaps of the great outdoors from garden critters to wild creatures, or pretty flowers to dirt tracks. Take as many as you like of whatever you like and build up a portfolio to reminisce your outings. You will be surprised what you may discover.




Be sensible

Be sensible with your camera. If you want to really get your children involved then using an expensive digital camera is probably not the wisest thing to do. All it take is for them to drop it in a puddle or a pool of mud and that’s your camera ruined (or at least out of action for the rest of the day). A waterproof camera would be ideal. This would allow you to head out in all weathers too for a wide range of images for your photo safari.


Be inquisitive

Be inquisitive with your surroundings and get closer with your lens. Take snaps of something you wouldn’t have normally taken a picture of or let the kids take lead. They will capture moments you have never even thought of. They will get close and personal to the dirt and the bugs – closer than you would care to get – so why not let the children take control.


Be adventurous

Where can you take the pictures? Anywhere you want. Take on the outdoors and find little hideaways to get some unique snaps, or you can stick to your garden. You’ll be surprised what you can find hidden away when you get up close and personal with your lens.


Be creative

Create a scrap book to keep all your pictures together. Carry on your creativity and have something to look back on as you build up your photo safari. Make it as neat, as crazy as colourful as you like. Let the kids’ loose with the glitter and glue and let them create a photo safari they will want to look back through.


Keep going

Keep adding to it. Don’t just do it the once. Keep a note on the dates of when you took them with some snaps of your children in their too and watch them grow as you see the changes in nature throughout the seasons.


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Lousie 09-08-15 08:37
We do this a lot on days out with the kids, it's such a nice idea& we've got lots if memory books from different places we've visited!

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