Country Walk Adventures

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Go on a country walk

The sun is out, the rain has stopped – it’s perfect weather for a stroll amongst the countryside with your family. But how do you keep your children entertained when they’re too young to appreciate their surroundings?


There are so many fun ways to keep yourself and your children amused on a country walk on a sunny afternoon.


Stone skimming

Take a walk down to the canal or the river and find the best skimming stone – flat with as little bumps as possible that fits nicely between your forefinger and thumb - and start skimming. Have competitions to see who can get their stone the furthest. You’ll be surprised how addictive it can be and how competitive you will become to try and get your stone that little bit further each time.


Pooh sticks

Reminisce good ole Winnie The Pooh and create your own version of Pooh sticks. Whether you use sticks, plants or go a bit more creative and make little boats, race them down the stream to see who wins. For the most authentic game drop them from a bridge. Don’t have a bridge near you? Never mind, just place them in the water with a gentle push. Keep a close eye on yours - you don’t want someone pretending your stick (the winner) is theirs.


Climb a tree

You may think no way, it’s too dangerous, but we’ve all done it, and we can bet all the kids’ are climbing trees when their parents aren’t looking, so teach them how to do it safely. Make sure they know not to go too high, to wear sensible clothing and footwear and have someone stand underneath just in case they do fall. That way, you will have peace of mind knowing they are having fun, but are doing it safely.


Make a daisy chain

There aren’t many little girls who don’t like to make a daisy chain. If she doesn’t enjoy climbing trees and skimming stones she can peacefully sit amongst the flowers while you take a break from walking and make a little memento to take home with her.


Record the moment

Creating memories with your family is the best thing you can do, recording those memories means they will never be forgotten. Take a camera with you and be snap happy while your children run around enjoying life. They'll either love being in front of the camera or hate it (hopefully they'll love it) and it will only increase the excitment of spending time together outdoors as they keep on smiling through the lens.


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Jenny 04-08-15 08:42
Me and my children love going on country walks, & getting out & about. :)

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