Christmas Wish List For Stocking Fillers

Faye Duncan2 min readProduct Reviews

Sometimes one big present isn't enough and you need a couple of little items to put in their stocking. Or are you taking part in Secret Santa at work and just need a little wrap up? These gifts can often be the hardest ones to get.

If you're struggling to decide on what little extras to add on to your friends and families gifts then Millets are here to help. We’ve put together a few ideas on how to get their stockings filled to the brim.


Stocking fillers wish list:

  1. Stay hydrated - sometimes you just need a bottle opener wherever you go.
  2. Pack of heat - you can’t beat a ‘Keep calm…’ slogan these days. Match it with a cosy knitted heat pack and you’re on to a winner.
  3. Torch - stay safe in the darker months and add a torch to their gift pile.
  4. Stay visible - for a more hands-free option, there are lights that can be attached to your bag or jacket and come in an array of colours so there’s one for every member of the family.
  5. Portable charger - keep your loved ones connected to the world when they go and explore by providing them with a portable way of charging their devices.
  6. Hat & scarf set - everyone is guarenteed to get some winter woolies at Christmas. A classic gift that always comes in handy.
  7. Ear muffs - whether you like the fluffy ear muffs or prefer something a bit more resilient, keeping your ears warm is crucial in the winter time.
  8. Gloves - another classic to stay cosy this Christmas time!
  9. Gadgets - cool little gadgets are always a favourite for filling up the stocking and are perfect for any age group - no one is too old for toys.
  10. Gifts for Dad - who doesn’t enjoy a cheeky drink at Christmas? All Dads’, and maybe even some mums', will love this hip flask and multi-tool combo to top up their presents.
  11. Earphones - sometimes we need to block the world out to truely appreciate it.


What would you like to find in your stocking?



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