Christmas Decorations: Make Your Own

Christmas is that time of year where you can go crazy with the decor. Whether you like to turn your home into a Santa's grotto or if you prefer a more subtle effect, it is completely up to you. Even if you're a bit stumped for cash this year you can still get in the Christmas cheer by taking it back to nature. 

There are so many more ways to enjoy nature than simply exploring it. Why not create your own Christmas decorations with what you stumble upon on your walks? You’ll be surprised at how beautiful you can make pine cones and fallen leaves look with a bit of glitter and creativity.


A few easy steps:

  • Get outdoors
  • Collect your objects - explore your local parks and trails and pick up what you can find; pine cones, leaves, twigs, bottle caps. Use your imagination.
  • Gather your decorations - glitter, string, bows, paint, foam etc. Anything you can think of that will add a bit of Christmas festiveness.
  • Get creative


A few ideas:

  • Wreath - cover pine cones and leaves with glitter and using super glue attatch them to either a foam circle or wire (anything strong enough to hold its shape) and you have yourself a wreath for your front door.
  • Tree baubles - using glitter, paint, diamantes etc. to spruce up your bottle caps and glue them to a round object or a foam ball. Attatch string to the top and hang it on your tree. If you have any pine cones left over from your wreath you could even add a bow to the top and you have another decoration for the tree.
  • Wall decorations - more glitter! Dry out your collection of leaves and cover them with glitter or glittery paint to stiffen them. Attatch a few together with string and hand them wherever you like - on doors, down walls, along the mantlepiece.


Add a bit of Christmas spirit to your home can be so easy with a little imagination and creativity. Send us snaps of your homemade decorations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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