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Camping With Pets

Camping with your dog may take more preparation and work to keep them safe and under control, but it will be far more enjoyable and rewarding having them in tow. Follow our guide and there will be no reason to leave them behind.

There’s no better feeling then to see their fury faces light up as they enjoy a week long of fun, walks and fresh air with their human companion, but there are always those borings things that nobody wants to do, but are essential before you set off.


Safety first

Their health is very important to consider. Ensure they are fully up to date with their vaccinations and take a first aid kit for them as well as yourself. Nothing will put a downer on your trip more than a thorn stuck in their little paws preventing them from bolting along the beach. Make sure you have the equipment to soothe their injuries so the trip is just as fun for them as it is for you.



You won’t be the most popular camping neighbour if your dog is keeping everyone awake at night. Your canine friend needs to be trained to come when called, hush when told to and be sociable with other people and dogs. The last thing you need is to be escorted off the premises because your dog is a bit too excited and starts to urinate all over your fellow camper’s tents.


Local restrictions

Not only does your campsite need to be dog friendly, but check out what the surrounding area is like too. Some parks and beaches don’t allow dogs or insist they are to be kept on their lead. Nobody likes to follow by the rules, but you don’t want your trip ruined because you’re banned from every park in the vicinity, do you?



What to take...


Collar and lead

This may seem obvious but making sure contact details are attached to their collar and lead is crucial. Your pet won’t know the area to find their way back to you, so be prepared for the worse and make sure your dog can be returned to you if they go missing. Take a look at our range of dog walking gear, particularly those that glow in the dark – cool right?



And plenty of them. Unless you have an unusually clean dog with a phobia of mud and running through puddles, they are going to get wet and dirty. They won’t be able to resist running straight for your sleeping bag and have a good scratch against your pillow – not pleasant. Lots of water and towels to clean up their soiled fur before they enter the tent will do the trick.


Rope/sturdy anchors

Dogs and fire do not mix. If you can’t trust your dog to avoid poking his nose in the flames while you’re cooking your dinner, then a secure way of tying them up will be needed.


If you take your dog camping with you this Spring, why not share some of your fun photos with us on Facebook and Twitter.




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