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Bonfire Night: What To Wear

There’s nothing better than wrapping up warm and heading out to watch the fireworks with your loved ones. Hot tea or something stronger in one hand, sparkler in the other, but what is the best attire to wear to keep you warm we hear you ask… well here’s a few ideas to keep you safe and warm.


Stay dry

Nobody wants to call it an early night before the firework display has even finished just because it’s started to rain. A waterproof jacket will mean you won’t be controlled by the weather without annoying those surrounding you by using an umbrella. Keep yourself shielded so you can stay out for as long as you want whatever the weather.


Stay visible

High visibility jackets are a great to ensure you stay safe – particularly for the kid’s – on a night like bonfire night you want them to remain visible at all times, especially when the fireworks are going off. However, if strolling round in a bright yellow jacket isn’t for you or you know you will struggle to make your little one keep it on, then jackets that have a reflective detail integrated within the jacket is the next best thing. 

How about a Snap-Lite reflective band for a more fun accessory that can increase your child’s safety? It won’t take much to persuade them to wear these when they see how fun it is snap it on their wrists. 


Stay warm

It’s a well-known fact that we lose most of our body heat through our head and hands, so make sure you wrap up warm with a cosy beanie and thermal pair of gloves. We have so many bright and funky styles to offer to keep you looking cool while you’re feeling warm.


Tip: It can be dangerous to play with sparklers without wearing gloves - always wear gloves!


Sludge in the mud

Bonfire night usually takes place on a field which inevitably will get pretty muddy once everyone has been walking around, particularly this time of year. A great pair wellies will allow you to sludge through the mud without it splashing your trousers - plus who doesn't enjoy wearing a bright pair of wellies to stand out in the crowd?


What do you like to wear on Bonfire Night? Let us know in the comments below or send us your snaps on Facebook and Twitter.

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