Bonfire Night: Safety For Pets

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Bonfire night is always fun – wrapping up warm to watch the fireworks, stare in to the fire as you watch a replica of Guy Fawkes burn, write your name with a sprinkler. It’s a great annual experience for the whole family…but remember it can be dangerous too. Fireworks are essentially explosions after all. We know how to be safe and still enjoy ourselves, but our pets don’t. Here are a few tips on how to keep your furry friends safe from the firing line.


Keep them inside – The most important thing is to keep them inside! The loud bangs scare most animals so the safest bet is to simply keep them indoors. I’m sure they would rather sacrifice walkies for one night than get closer to the noise. Even if you are hosting your own bonfire night in your back garden, don’t let them out into the garden – curiosity might get the better of them and nobody wants their dog snooping around a lit firework about to take off.


Lock them in – Keep the doors and windows locked so they can’t escape. This will also help to reduce the sound that comes through the house.


Distract them with music – This is another way to reduce the sound of the bangs. The distraction of soothing music will help keep your pooch relaxed and less likely to hear the sound of the fireworks exploding. Even though they may not like it playing music of fireworks and bangs in the lead up to the annual occasion is a good way to get them used to the noise. This will hopefully mean they won't be as scared when the real thing comes around.


Don’t leave them alone for too long – If you’re heading out for bonfire night you might be likely to return home to a small puddle on the kitchen floor thanks to your terrified pooch. Try not to leave them for too long, or not at all, to minimise the risk of accidents. Again, if you’re hosting the party, keep checking on them to let them know that you are there and that there is nothing to fear. However, don't pay too much attention them - you want them to thing everything is as normal as possible.


Keep them on a lead – If taking your dog out is unavoidable on the night, keeping them securely by your side with a sturdy lead is an absolute must. The last thing you want is for your canine friend to wander off on a night like bonfire night.


Highlight their presence – Make sure you and everyone else are well aware of where your dog is. If they happen to get loose a High Vis dog coat will help you to find them in the dark crowd and help others spot them if they are caught walking towards danger.


If you have any other tips on how to protect your pooch, or any other pet on bonfire night, leave them in the comments below.


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