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BioLite Fire Pit In-Review

At Millets, we only want to offer you the best products at a great price. One of the best ways to know if we’re delivering the best is to test them ourselves. So our resident gear guru Stuart Reid, took a look at the new BioLite Fire Pit to tell us what he thought.

Fire Pit by the beach

Before I got my got my hands on the Fire Pit I did some background research and found all BioLite stoves use half the fuel and produce 90% less toxic emissions compared to a traditional open fire, making them practical and eco-friendly. BioLites’ sustainable innovations are also helping rural communities with supplying electrical power and reducing harmful C02 emissions and toxins, so with every purchase, we are further helping those less fortunate than ourselves. 

Upon using the Fire Pit, I found it to be packed full of technical features that really did provide the best experience. The X-ray mesh holds the wood, showing a fire suspended with a 360° view rather than just flames licking out the top of the pit. The airflow jets create a smokeless burn in under 30 seconds, all of which can be controlled by the BioLite hub app, creating a touch of luxury, letting you change the heat and light intensity at the touch of a button from my camping chair. What I’m most impressed by was how happy my group of friends were, all being huddled around the Fire Pit for the night, with no one needing to move or reposition since no plumes of smoke are billowing out, this was very stable and easy to manage an outdoor campfire.

Starting the Fire Pit

It’s best not to forget that the Fire Pit also doubles up as a BBQ grill with its multi-positional grill grate, meaning I could enjoy that smoky BBQ flavour and cook the perfect burger. And no longer will you have to worry about looking after a gas stove and a campfire instead, you have the best of both worlds.

The way I look at this awesome Fire Pit is that it’s perfect for your next long stay camping holiday or trip to the lakeside, easy to travel with due to the four folding and locking legs, whilst the USB Rechargeable Powerpack will keep everyone’s phones at 100%. Another great benefit is you’ll never have to worry about fuel again as it’s going to be all around you. With all the practical benefits I no longer see a camping trip without it.

Around the campfire

Getting back to basics and unwinding to the natural hypnotising dance of the fire puts almost all of us at ease, from my experience being able to share time and moments in an outdoors environment has never been a bad thing. Now having the BioLite Fire Pit on my kit list and ready to use at the strike of a match, has given me more time to enjoy those starry & colder nights.

What more could you ask for to power up your next adventure?

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