BioLite Campstove 2 In-Review

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At Millets, we only want to offer you the best products at a great price. One of the best ways to know if we’re delivering the best is to test them ourselves. We gave the BioLite Campstove 2 to our resident gear guru Stuart Reid, to put the stove through its paces.

I took the stove out on a day trip to Dovestone Reservoir, the stove was easy to pack into my daysack. I set it up on the gravelled picnic area near the reservoir to cook on. We were quite fortunate with the weather, having a nice dry crisp day so wood was easy to find to fuel the stove. Biolite Campstove 2 with Light

Using the Camp Stove Bundle for my test. I had everything I needed from heating, power, light, grilling and boiling water. One of the most enjoyable parts was being able to use fuel that is sustainable and provided by nature, such as twigs and dry dead wood. I found the best fuel to burn was dried out pine cones.

There are so many gadgets that work alongside this stove, but my favourite was the Thermo Generator that turns heat into power. Perfect for keeping batteries topped up whilst staying off the grid.

A useful advantage I have found and look forward to testing out more in the future is not having to calculate how much gas or fuel I’ll need for trips. This is sure to be huge space and cost saver, simply keep an eye out for dry wood on your travels or at your campsite to help get the fire going.

I tested the cooking capabilities with a pack of sausages and the results were great, the sausages cooked surprisingly quick because of the flames licking over the top and the consistent heat which I meant I could enjoy a tasty BBQ flavour to my food. Having the fire well-stoked meant controlling the temperature was a simple task of changing the fan speeds, this experience felt closer to a more traditional home-style cooking than to what you’d expect from campsite cooking. A good point to mention was how easy it was to clean; when it has cooled down, add some warm water and use a scrubbing brush to easily wash away the mess.

Cooking sausages on the grill

Even though all stoves are pretty efficient nowadays it’s the open fire element that has got me hooked, nothing better than relaxing around a campfire with friends. Enjoying the soft glow of firelight and taking the edge off the cold with that extra bit of heat.

To recap, this has many bells and whistles that make cooking and camping far more enjoyable. With a sustainable fuel source, you’ll feel good in the knowledge that you’re reducing your environmental impact and pretty much all your mod cons needs are covered. When not in use the main hub doubles up as a high watt power pack and the charge will hold for around six months.

Biolite Campstove 2

Top tips: When shutting down the stove let it cool down naturally and never add water to the burn chamber, always let the stove cool down till so you can comfortably hold it. When disposing of the ash, make sure to dig an ash pit and then cover with water and soil.

Happy Camping