Berghaus Air Tent: The Revelation

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It’s hard to believe a family size tent can be inflated in minutes, but you better believe it. The Berghaus Air Tents are a range to be desired – great to look at, easy to use and full of technical features. What more do you want?


Its revolutionary design and structure will completely change your camping experience. No more fiddly poles, no more standing in the wind and rain trying to figure out how to pitch it and no more arguing over who’s read the instructions wrong. All you need to do is plug in the dual action pump and start pumping… that’s it. Before you know it, it’s completely inflated and ready to enjoy.


It’s so simple, anybody can do it!


Berghaus have taken inspiration from the popular design of their Mera Peak jacket to create such an attractive tent. The stunning intense blue and twilight blue with a contrasting fluorescent yellow trim will make you the envy of everyone at the campsite.


Although it is great to look at, its advanced technical features do not let it down either. Highly waterproof, well ventilated and completely secure you will feel just as safe and comfortable in this outdoor home as you would in your real home. The 6000mm Hydrostatic Head will prevent any water from seeping through so you can sleep well knowing that you and your gear will remain dry even in torrential rain (which in Britain is likely to happen!). Paying particular attention to detail, right down to the zips, not a single feature will seem out of place or disappointing - it's remarkable how they have literally thought of everything.


Families or groups of all sizes can admire the great performance the Air tent has to offer with the variety of sizes: 4, 6 and 8 man. Spread out and take all the gear you want – trust us, there’s plenty of room! If not, they have created the fully waterproof and inflatable Air Porch for those who like even more space and shelter. Easily attach to your tent and have instant extra space to enjoy.


With more than 40 years of producing quality outdoor gear, it’s safe to say from this range that Berghaus will remain at the top of their game providing superior performance outdoor wear and equipment for those who love to explore.


For full details find the tents here.




Sonia 12-10-15 19:37
These tents look great, I want an air 8......but I'm struggling to find one......
Chris Jones 14-11-15 17:47
Hi, do you have a Berghaus Air 4 Tent left in stock anywhere?

Thanks Chris...
Millets Team 20-11-15 14:31
More Air tents will be coming back in stock soon. Keep an eye out!
Emma 20-11-15 22:56
Hi can you tell me where I can find a Berghaus Air 6 and extension from please?
Millets Team 26-11-15 15:57
Hi Emma, the Air 6 and porch are on our site. Please find the links below:

Air 6:
Nigel Evans 28-12-15 11:13
Could you tell me if and when you will be getting any more berghaus air porches in?
Millets Team 29-12-15 10:30
Hi Nigel, we will be getting more in February.
Craige Howard 10-01-16 09:10
Hi do you know when the Berghaus Air 8 will be back in stock please?
Thank you.
john 26-01-16 14:55
i am trying to get a air porch but can not find one anywhere. when will you be getting some back in stock?
Dave 07-02-16 22:50
Hi. I recently bought the Berghaus Air 8 from Millets, and wondered if you were going to introduce a custom footprint for it?

I'd also like to second John's question about the air porch, as I might want to add one sometime this year.

Many thanks
Millets Team 10-02-16 11:28

We will be getting new footprints in for the Air tents roughly around the 17th April.

The Air Porch will be back in stock around the same time.

Keep an eye out :)
Millets Team 12-02-16 16:13

Apologies - the Air Porches will be coming back in stock next week.

Richard 20-02-16 22:26

I'm currently looking at buying the Air 8 but I'm also interested in the Air Porch.

Are you likely to be doing any deals with the Air 8 Tent and the porch together and do you have any update on stock availability?

Also, how much would the Air Porch be on its own?

Millets Team 23-02-16 14:49
Hi, we currently don't have any bundle offers on these items.

The Air Porch is now back in stock and is currently £399.


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