Back To School Essentials

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Whether they have gone fast or slow the Summer holidays are coming to an end so it’s time to get your kids ready to go to back to school. We’ve put together a list of essentials to prevent you from reaching the night before their first day back when you realise you’ve forgotten half of their gear.


Weather Protection

Let’s start from the top. They need to remain protected in all weather conditions as they take that trip to school. Nobody wants to reach their school gate looking like a drowned rat; a decent waterproof jacket to shield them from the rain is an absolute must.

Even if the weather is still warm, this is Britain so there’s bound to be some rain. A lightweight waterproof jacket can easily be packed away in their school back in preparation for when the weather takes a turn for the worse half way through the day. As the weather becomes more blustery and wet, zip them up in a 3 in 1 design to keep them warm as well as dry. This kind of jacket is perfect for all year round use. The waterproof outer will protect them when the weather is wet, the inner fleece will block out any chills, and together they will combat any weather condition.

But don’t forget about yourselves. You as the parent need protecting from the weather too as you walk your child to the school gate. Treat yourself to a waterproof jacket and that necessary early morning walk won’t seem so bad.

You want their school shoes to last all year round, right? So when the weather is bad, be it due to rain or snow, this will take its toll on their shoes – particularly as it’s almost impossible to stop a child splashing in the puddles whenever they get chance. A pair of wellies for the walk, with their shoes safely tucked in a boot bag, will provide better protection than any school shoe and will prevent their shoes from getting ruined within the first week back.


Pack It Up

To keep all their books and pens, and maybe even a laptop as they get older, stored securely and organised they will need a rucksack. There are so many on offer with different sizes and different features, including multiple compartments, padded back panels and extra attachments for reflective lights as they walk home in the dark. Find out which is suitable for your child and they will happily carry their pack every day to school.


Lunch Time

A decent lunchbox that will keep their food fresh will ensure they eat all their healthy goodies you pack away for them. Insulated lunchboxes will keep their hot food hot and cold food cold to help them last hours spent stuffed in their school bag. Many of our lunchboxes are designed with multiple compartments to keep food separate, perfect for those who have children who don’t like their sandwiches touching their snacks.

Keeping their drinks fresh is just as important too. Take a look at our great range of flasks and water bottles that keep drinks at the desired temperature and are 100% sealed to ensure no spills will ruin their books. The bright colours and fun patterns will be sure to keep your little ones happy too.


All The Little Bits

Pens, pencils, ruler, rubber; all these little things may be obvious, but it’s surprising how easily at least one piece of stationary that can be forgotten. Write a list of all these essentials they will need and it is unlikely that you will miss anything out.


Once they are all kitted out they will be all ready to take on their first day back at school. 


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