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Advice On Buying Your Camping Gas

Camping gas can be complicated and if you get it wrong you may be going hungry. We have put together a handy guide, helping you understand what each type of gas canister is and other useful facts giving you a greater understanding.  

Gas Bottle Types

Large Cylinders

The most cost effective resealable fuel source for camping that can attach to most large stoves and cookers. This source of fuel is best for large families or when you are taking a longer holiday, whilst this is great you should consider that this is a bulky and heavy item so it's best for when driving to your camping trip.

The cylinders are also refillable helping reduce wastage are environmentally friendly. You must be aware that this fuel source will need a regulator that will control the flow of gas and gives a fuel indicator, letting you know when it needs refilling.   

Large gas cyclinder and Regulator

Pierceable Cartridge

Is the cheapest and the lightest fuel cartridge, perfect for short camping trips and trekking holidays. These fuel canisters can only attach to certain stoves and once they are attached they can't be removed till the canister is empty.  

Pierceable Cartridge

Threaded Cartridge

This is a reusable fuel cartridge that is a lightweight and ideal for multiple camping holidays. The threaded attachment point will fit onto most stoves and can be the self-sealed whenever needed. This is the most commonly found fuel source and the thread attachment point is a common stove attachment point as well. 

Threaded Cartridge

Resealable Canister

These canisters are used with the bistro stove and any other similar style camping stoves this one below. They are lightweight easy to use and available in a range of shops and campsites.

Resealable Cartridge

Propane or Butane

Propane has a higher pressure and a lower boiling point. The extra pressure means it burns hotter which helps reduced cooking times, and the lower boiling point means it can be used throughout the winter at lower temperatures without compromised performance. 

Butane is slightly better value for money, however, the gap has narrowed in recent years. Its downfall is poor performance in cold weather with major issues starting below 5°C. In terms of availability. 

Cooking with a JetBoil

How to safely dispose of canisters

Gas canisters can be widely recycled; however, you need to ensure they are completely empty and pierced the Canister Recycling Tools is a simple device that will stab a hole ensuring the canisters are empty and safe, you should only do this with smaller camping gas canisters. With larger cylinders these are refillable, visit the suppliers' site for the locations where you can have the gas cylinder refilled.    

Recycling Tools

We hope that’s made the whole gas debate a little easier to digest. With so many options available personal preference is key so if you’re using a refillable cylinder on the campsite already please let us know in the comments box below which option you prefer and why.

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