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6 DIY Garden Ideas

Is your garden looking a little bit uninspired? Could it do with a little something to spruce it up? Something to get your teeth into whilst the world gets back towards normal?

We’ve put together some creative DIY ideas to keep you busy and get your garden looking golden. 

1. Make a Mini Allotment

Whilst having much more time at home to cook and prepare meals, it seems like the perfect opportunity to create your own vegetable or herb garden.

Use planks of rot-resistant wood to create the perfect patch, add some soil and begin planting your favourite vegetables.

For your own mini herb garden, take some old plant pots and display them on a ledge or shelf. If you’re feeling super creative, you could even hang your mini herb pots with string on to your fence, to create that perfect summery look.

Check out our How You Can Grow With Little Space Blog for some extra tips!

Vegetable Bed

Herbs In Pots

2. Construct Your Own Garden Sofa

Rather than spending hundreds or even thousands on a new couch for your garden, why not make your own?

You can stack and glue together a bunch of wooden crates into whatever shape you want. Then paint them to match your garden and add some cushions, blankets and fairy lights.

With your brand new garden sofa, you can impress your guests, have a romantic movie night in or chill out with the whole family; this is a cheap way to create the perfect cosy night in!

Garden Sofa

Garden Sofa

3. Build Your Own Bird Bath

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in your garden and admiring the nature. So why not invite some more of it in by making your own bird bath? This will encourage birds to enter your garden for a drink or a bathe in fresh water.

To create your very own bird bath, simply collect small, medium and large sized plant pots and paint them in whatever colours and patterns you wish. Then, stack them on top of each other.

Next, take an extra-large bowl (similar shape and size to a dustbin lid) and place it on the top - you may need to fix it with some glue if it doesn't balance. Fill the bowl with some rocks, stones or pebbles so the birds have extra grip, and about two inches of fresh water. Sit back, and enjoy!

Bird bath

4. Decorative Shelving

Use some old shelves, upturned crates or even ladders to create some decorative features in your garden.

You could even paint them with bright or placid colours, depending on what look you’re going for.

Then, simply add plant pots, jars filled with fairy lights, lanterns and other decorative accessories. This is easy to make, cost effective, and will leave your garden looking super pretty!

Garden Shelves

5. Twig Decorations

Here’s a great idea for the kids to join in on too; creating garden decorations using twigs. Make various shapes and patterns, such as hearts, flowers, trees, and even fairy garden furniture!

Simply collect twigs of all shapes and sizes and stick them together with glue or tie them with string. You can even paint them, add glitter or tie ribbon on them.

Get creative and make some beautiful garden decorations which can be hung from fences, or placed on shelves or walls. A fantastic activity for the whole family to enjoy.

Twig Heart

Twig Heart

6. Garden Shed Conversion

If you fancy taking on a bigger task, then consider converting your trusty old garden shed into a centrepiece of your outdoor space. There are so many things you can convert your garden shed into - a summer house where you can wind down with a book, a play house for the kids, or even your very own garden bar!

So why not get creative, get your tools out and begin your very own project. Start by cleaning out your shed then sealing the cracks up; this will stop dust, bugs and drafts from getting in.

Then, add a lick of paint and install insulation to make your shed into a real room. During extreme temperatures, a small air conditioner or heater may also be necessary. Next, you need to install some lighting - whether it’s a single bulb, a bench light, some lamps or fairy lights, your shed will need some illumination for when you’re inside.

After this, a more durable tent flooring will need to be installed - cork, tiles or carpet. You could even add a rug to make it super homely!

Once all the hard jobs are done, you can then put your own spin on things by adding furniture, decorations, plants or whatever you like. Get to work and turn your old shabby shed into a new spectacular hideaway.

Garden Shed

So, what are you waiting for? Get the whole family involved and give your garden a makeover with these fantastic DIY garden ideas.

From chairs, to hammocks, to lanterns and more, take a look at our home and garden section to complete your projects.

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