3 Types of Traveller: Which Are You?

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Here at Millets, we’re all about fun, so let’s play a little game. Most travellers fall under three main categories. The backpackers, the weekend wanderers and the holiday makers. We’d like to help you figure out which one of these travellers you are and what equipment you’ll need before embarking on your next adventure.

The Backpacker

Backpackers, adventure travellers or gap-yearers, whatever you want to call them, they usually travel far and light. Refusing to be burdened with rules and conventions, you seize every opportunity that arises whilst on your travels. A spot of skinny dipping in a lake under the moonlight? You're in. A not-so-fine dining experience of fried tarantula or scorpion? Why not? Despite the fact you hate sticking to the rules, you can be easily identified by the thing that gives you the ability to do all this – your backpack! You usually like to be surrounded by nature on your travels, or better yet, get lost in it. You desire the ability to just unplug yourself from the modern world and put your hiking abilities to the test to get a true taste of the beauty that the world has to offer.

If you think you’re a backpacker, take a look at our essential kit list:

A large rucksack - Size will depend on how long your trip is going to last, but for most backpackers who go away for months, we recommend a large rucksack, 65-90 litres is about right. The Eurohike Trek 85 Litre Backpack should do, but don’t let us decide for you, go check out our full range of rucksacks here.

Walking boots - Being a backpacker means you’re taking the world into your own hands, finding your own way around and not resorting to ordering an Uber. You’ll want some good walking boots to make sure your feet survive the trip. Check out our ranges of both men’s walking boots and women’s walking boots.

Protection - When you’re out and about in these sunny climates, there’s going to be bugs, and you’re going to need some protection against them. We have plenty of insect repellents & nets available to choose from on our website.

The Backpacker

The Weekend Wanderer

Weekend wanderers defy the rules of the backpacker and go away at every opportunity, usually outside the working week. You aspire to see as much of the world as possible and aim to make every moment count. A common destination is big cities. Being able to get a feel for the culture of a new city is what you strive for. You love to live like a local for a few days and soak in the city scape. You’ll find many business travellers fall under this type as well and will seek the city as soon as they finish their work duties.

Here’s our kit list for the weekend wanderer:

Rolling Transporter - You’re only travelling for a few days at a time, so this means you want to travel fast and light. We recommend something that fits everything you’ll need for 2-3 days and is easy to transport, such as The North Face Rolling Thunder 22 Travel Bag. We have a large collection of travel luggage available here on our site.

Daysack - As well as luggage to just get there, you’re going to want a daysack which you can use on your days out. Have a look through our full range of daysacks here.

Comfortable footwear - It’s not just backpackers that’ll need this. If you’re spending hours trekking through city, you want light and comfortable shoes that will survive the adventures that you embark on. We have plenty of men’s walking shoes and women’s walking shoes on offer, find a pair that suit you today.

The Weekend Wanderer

The Holiday Makers

Typically found lying on a beach, holiday makers take the more laid-back approach to travelling. You're not usually that bothered about the destination, just as long as it’s different from your everyday norm. You see travelling as an opportunity to see new destinations around the world, but to also relax whilst doing so. Travelling doesn’t always have to be about following an itinerary of where to be and when to be there, it can just be about relaxing somewhere new. And where is the best place to relax? Under the sun of course! You’ll find many holiday makers are sun-worshippers who like to spend their time away sunbathing, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Tan lines are just fine.

Here’s a few of our top picks for what you’ll need to take with you:

Comfortable clothing - Most holiday makers end up in warmer climates, so you’re going to want some clothing to deal with this heat. We have plenty of warm weather wear available on our website. Have a look through our range of summer clothing here.

Protection (again!) - We know we’ve had this one, but protection is vital no matter where you go. You’re going to want something to protect your money and other daily essentials. Why not browse through our collection of travel bags, we think you’ll find having one very useful. And of course, how can we forget sun creams, you don’t want to skip on this one.

The Holiday Maker

So which type of traveller are you? Whichever you are, we’re sure to have plenty of products that you can find use for on your adventures. Don’t forget to have a look through our massive travel store here and find yourself a deal today.

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