10 Fun Winter Activities

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Winter is a great time of year to get out and about and explore different activities you may not be able to do throughout the rest of the year. It's a great opportunity to buy new gear; big cosy coats, woooly hats, thermal gloves and wrap up warm. As Millets customers we know you need no reason to get outdoors but here are a few ways to enjoy yourself this winter.


  1. Going for a walk – we know this can be done all year round but there is something lovely about taking in the brisk cold air and heading out in the winter time.
  2. Crunch on frosty grass – while you are out don’t miss the sound of the crunch of the hard grass underfoot. It is just as satisfying as crunching through the leaves in the autumn.
  3. Build a garden campfire – in the evening, gather the family, sit around the campfire, wrap yourselves up in blankets and enjoy your family’s company away from the TV.
  4. Ice skating – all the outdoor ice skating rinks seem to appear this time of year (must be something to do with Christmas), so why not make the most of them and give it a go.
  5. Winter Wonderland – another Christmas themed activity but they are usually still open for new year and are a great family fun day out.
  6. Snow ball fight - it can be touch and go whether we have snow or not but if we do there are so many fun games to play. You can even make things a bit more interesting with the Boyz Toys Snowball Thrower.
  7. Build a snowman – a classic when the snow falls. Or you can be a bit more creative and build an entire snow family. How about a snow dog?
  8. Snow angel – make sure you’re wrapped up for this one.
  9. Sofa day – sometimes it is nice to just stay inside, wrapped up in your PJs and look at the winter weather from the window.
  10. January sales – after Christmas is when all the big sales come out. Go grab a bargain!


What winter activities do you enjoy? Leave them in the comments below.



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